Awesome Stories 222

This week Awesome Stories brings you whale communication, better education, animal freedom, mental health and fuel from water.

Communicating with Whales

Scientists at The University of Queensland have been able to decipher and learn how to communicate with whales. Optus, an Australian telecommunications company, hired M&C Saatchi, Sydney to explore communication between humans and animals, specifically Humpback whales. Watch this awesome video, the result of their collaboration.

Education Ideas from Finland

Kelly from FillingMyMap wrote a great article on the differences in Finnish education. She is chronicling her adventures in education and life while teaching and researching in Finland. It seems that overall, they focus more on quality with less of many things we hold near and dear. Kelly wrote 11 Ways Finland Education Shows Less is More. The differences really struck a chord for me. Even though I did well in school, I did not enjoy the process and this is part of why I didn’t go back for an advanced degree. The differences are very telling, especially the shorter hours for students and teachers, the same teacher for 6 years, less testing, more depth in topics and more choice given to the students. Finland consistently performs at the top of developed countries for education, so let’s hope our education leaders are paying attention!

Return to the WildCosta Rica, Awesome Stories

Costa Rica has just announced that it will close its zoos and free the animals to return to the wild. I admire Costa Rica for its progressive attitude and leadership in protecting and preserving nature. They have no army, more land devoted to conservation, banned hunting for sport, and continue to lead in environmental preservation. Kudos to Costa Rica for cherishing and protecting nature!


Coercion Leads to Mental Illness

I found this to be an enlightening view on mental illness by Bruce Levine, Ph. D. His conclusion is the coercion that permeates our culture is actually a contributor to mental illness. “Coercion—the use of physical, legal, chemical, psychological, financial, and other forces to gain compliance—is intrinsic to our society’s employment, schooling, and parenting.” Whereas, cultures who are often considered “less developed” that don’t rely on coercion have much lower instances of mental illness. As I’ve written about before, we don’t thrive under threat, punishment and coercion. Hopefully, we learn to parent, teach and work with more love and acceptance.

Fuel from Water and Aircarbon neutral bio-fuel

Audi Motors is partnering with Sunfire to produce synthetic fuel from water, hydrogen and air. The best part is that the fuel would be carbon neutral because the process pulls CO2 from the air as part of the conversion of water and air into a bio-fuel. Right now, it’s more of a small scale test, but hopefully it can be streamlined to produce in large enough quantities to make an impact. There are many great ideas being tested around the globe. The best thing we can do is consume less and live simply.

Live simply that others may simply live. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Maybe try simplifying some things in your life and have an awesome week!  🙂


18 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 222

  1. Great stories once again, Brad. I’ll be interested to learn how the communication with whales evolves… Feels like we just saw the tip of the iceberg… Imagine what could come from a deeper dialogue with those guys!

    I also thought the Finnish education was interesting. So much of our society’s solutions to problems are prescriptive and universal, rather than in the local and creative hands of the people doing the work. It promotes the sense that “something could go wrong” about this life right from the start. It suggests that who we are and feel ourselves to be is inadequate without a bit of polishing and sculpting. It takes many decades to recover…


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    • Wonderful perspectives Michael. I’m sure we have much to learn and explore with whale (and other species) communication. And I resonate strongly with your comment about the core premise of something being wrong. I don’t know if it’s cultural or human, but the sense of being broken and needing to be fixed is very pervasive, including in my own journey.
      May we know wholeness,

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  2. As the parent of a home-schooled son, we are often looked upon oddly when we don’t conform to western society’s view of education. But, we have always wholeheartedly agreed with the view that less is more. The opportunities and possibilities open up so wide when you are not forced to remain in the metaphorical box. Thanks for sharing Brad!

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  3. That whale song video gave me goosebumps! Love it!
    I hope that those zoos will ensure that the animals they release back into the wild are adequately prepared to do so after being in captivity.

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  4. Loved the video.. I hope that when Costa Rica free their animals they have re-introduced them to surviving in the wild again.. Good news, as I do not like to see caged animals..
    And clean fuel.. Can not wait for the day 🙂

    Loved your awesomeness today 🙂

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  5. You and Julie have the same wise question for the animals release to the wild. That is a key part of their release. It’s good to see progress on environmental and animal rights issues. 🙂
    Thanks for your loving support Sue. 🙂


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