A Feast of Love

A Feast of Love
beauty, poetry, love

let your eyes feast upon my wonders

opening pathways to the sky

and doorways to your heart

never doubt that I AM here


swaying with every branch

dancing with every child

soaring with every bird

rejoicing in the beauty of you


my beauty reflecting yours

with oceans of love

mountains of hope

and valleys of peace


express your inner treasures

life is to celebrate and share

out beyond the ideas of mind *

we’ll meet in a feast of love


My muse was inspired by these gorgeous photos of Scotland. The variety is amazing, a feast of love indeed!   XD

Image from Architecture and Design

* Inspired by Rumi’s phrase – “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field.I’ll meet you there.”


30 thoughts on “A Feast of Love

  1. Oh this is fabulous, Brad, simply delicious! I absolutely adored Scotland though we were there only 3 days two years ago. I would so love to go again some day and spend much more time there. I must have Scots in my family line because I have such a strong pull towards them and their country. Hugs, N ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Sounds wonderful Natalie. I enjoy hearing Scotish and Irish accents, though Scotish seems hard to understand for this Yank! Have you ever heard Robin Williams comedy skit on Scots and golf? I find it very funny! Yes, I hope to go one day while I’m young at heart, even though my body is in the senior slide. XD

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  3. Oh, this is gorgeous Brad!! I am sorry I couldn’t comment yesterday, your blog would not load on my laptop and the reader only let me read a bit. It is not your blog there is something wrong with, it’s my Internet connection and laptop. I love this poem very much Brad 🙂 It is so beautifully written! ❤

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  4. Great work you doing here Sire..
    Just followed your blog..
    Hope you follow back *Celonaiphyblog.com* and allow me jion your community..
    Would love to share in your thoughts I did like you to share in mine too..


  5. Beautiful photo along with the very beautiful and wise poem: “my beauty reflecting yours, with oceans of love, mountains of hope, and valleys of peace…” It is as if nature is speaking to us all. Cheers to a great weekend Brad!

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