Heart Beats as One

Heart Beats as One

oneness, peace, love

thrum thrum thrum

my heart beats as one

let’s unite with our brothers

sisters, fathers and mothers

when in harmony we sing

great blessings we bring


may peace and love pool

based on the golden rule

please remember to do no harm

in our family, school and farm

if this speaks to your heart

join us in blessings to impart


May we learn to live as family with hearts beating as one in love.

 love, peace and unity, poetry

This award from Sue at Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary spoke to my heart. With a mission similar to Artists4Peace, Sue has created a Hearts as One Drum Beat Award. The requirements are simple; caring for others through peace, love and unity. Feel free to claim your award and join the family!  🙂

blessings, Brad


10 thoughts on “Heart Beats as One

  1. I spent four days with my son at a boy scout winter camp over the holidays. On one of the days, we participated in a Native American picnic/dance at lunch. The beat of the drums, the jingle of the bells, the colors of their costumes, and the brilliant colors of their costume captivated everyone in presence. I can certainly relate to many hearts beating as one. Thank you for sharing Brad – beautiful 🙂

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  2. Brad.. I am greatly honoured by your poetic tribute to link the Hearts as One Drumbeat award.. I thank you for passing it along May our Drums Beat as One as our Hearts join in unity..
    Love and Blessings to you Brad..
    Thank you

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  3. I feel the energy of LOVE. Thank you Brad for sharing this message my heart feels the energy of the circle dance from the beating of the drums. Unity Consciousness co-creating at it’s best. 😉 Love and Light! May all her children light up Mother Gaia for she is our mother.

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