Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdompearls, wisdom poetry,


mine the depth of your soul

harvesting pearls of wisdom

polished in the trials of your life



For those of us struggling with challenges, remember there are hidden gifts within our challenges. – muse brad

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28 thoughts on “Pearls of Wisdom

  1. I tend to be wordy, quite so at times. It is amazing how much emotion and meaning you can wrap into so few words, Brad. Absolutely brilliant and insightful, keep mining and polishing – I will do the same 😉

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  2. Truer words ne’er were written ☺ poignant & clear your truth is. Thank you. Many thanks as well for visiting my new blog, I’m honoured! Peace, love & light, j


  3. As I look back upon the challenges I faced.. I know now they came for a reason.. Its hard when we are within these moments of challenge to see beyond our pain or our struggles.. But knowing that we magnificent BEings we can turn our challenges into Victories .. 🙂 Thank you for your pearls of wisdom Brad

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  4. Thankfully time, life and the universe conspire to bring us growth/ wisdom. I don’t always find the pearls, but I’ve certainly learned to look! and be more open to hidden blessings in my challenges. You are one of my hidden blessings. Thanks Sue. 🙂


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