Gnomes Unite!

Gnomes Unite!

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trouble is brewing in Waldendorf Meadows

those darn fairies think they rule the middle earth

the trolls and gnomes have tolerated enough of their fairy airs

we’re going on strike

no more hut building and hard labor until

we have equal access to fairy lands and lasses

no more segregation

we want justice and love

we can’t help the way we look

our hearts beat the same as yours

please let us in! XD

fairies, gnomes, justice, humor










P.S. This is a silly response to anti-gnome signs in a video about fairy gardens. After playfully bantering with Trini, my mischievous elf decided the gnomes needed a fair voice. We all need love, imagination and play. Gnomes Unite!

1st photo is from Sandi in Iowa of “Norm the Gnome” from Kimmel Gnomes website.

2nd photo is a snippet from the Minature Fairy Garden Village video.

ceramic gnome, poetry

In a bit of synchronicity, this delightful character showed up to keep the peace between gnomes and fairies! This photo is from my Gnome loving ceramic artist Belén Soto.




20 thoughts on “Gnomes Unite!

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  2. Loved this very imaginative Poem, and I will let you into a secret,.. Shusssssh.. I have two fairy doors in my garden and a little elf who roams the perimeter of my pond .. He is even known to Hop out and find his way into a flower tub now and again, much to my Granddaughter;s delight.. 🙂 If you look very hard, you can see him sprinting across the fairy door. 🙂
    Good luck I hope you catch him. 🙂 ❤

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