Floating Away

Floating Away

imagination, poetrysunset awakens

fanciful dreams

as ethereal as clouds

floating away to kiss the night

with whispers of beauty and flight


while mind wanders

the heart remembers

kisses from Hafiz and Rumi

dancing upon my soul

intoxicated with light


P.S. This poem was inspired by Trini of The Inscrutable Paths of Spirit and the Veda poetry she shared. They reminded me heart has been missing the divine poetry of Rumi, Hafiz and Ihsan of iiThinks. This is my humble attempt to kiss your soul.  🙂


22 thoughts on “Floating Away

  1. That was my favorite line too, I’m glad their kiss touched you too. XD Thanks for the link. I love that poem and reading by Coleman Barks, who is a prolific translator of Rumi’s work. Truthfully, I thought the video and music pairing odd and distracted from the poem. I prefer pairings like the two Rumi videos on my inspiration page. It looks like you were on a roll with San Francisco. 🙂


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