Finding the Flow

There is a pace that aligns with the flow of life.

The pace that works for me seems to be a balance of awareness and engagement.

flow, photographyToo much engagement (doing) and I lose myself to the experience, which can be fun, but doesn’t seem like flow for me. Too much awareness (being) and I get lost in my thoughts, feelings and observations. That can be useful, but if not engaged, then I’m not connecting with life.

Occasionally I find that special balance or dance between the two polarities of being and doing. When I’m simultaneously aware and engaged, I feel fully alive and in the flow of life. For me, that pace is not too fast or too slow; simply steady movement like how I rode my bike yesterday. I felt open, centered and present as I pedalled, turned, followed and flowed without over-thinking my choices. The million dollar question is whether I do that with broader life issues?

While flowing I tend to hear whispers that seem wiser and calmer than the typical mind chatter when I am still or in the flow. Maybe because my mind is engaged with life rather than lost in self. Yesterday, I heard whispers that I’m a creative connector learning to embrace the beauty in all. My path is learning to love the beauty and flaws, the light and dark, while stripping away all the identities and labels of myself and others.

Sunday I went to a wonderful film viewing at our Fayetteville Public Library. We are very blessed to have such a fabulous library in our small town. Sunday was the first showing of a film documentary called The Lens to the Soul chronicling the photography and life of local photographer Andrew Kilgore. His work is powerful in its simplicity, starkness and authentic look at people without attempting to pretty them up. I was surprised by how deeply his portraits touched me yesterday. Andrew helped pioneer advocacy art with his photography. His intention is to help us see the underserved populations and our common humanity.

Andrew’s photography reminds me to find the beauty in what is, rather than trying to force it.

This might be another way to define flow. Find the path (flow) by following it rather than forcing it. Many people create with great vision, effort and intention which is a more masculine approach to creating. Others create using the more feminine or Taoist approach, by finding and following the flow. I believe this way of living helps mine the authentic self.

I yearn to find my place in the world, to know what is mine to do. Thankfully, I’ve had some recent reminders to let go of needing to figure it all out. Kudos to Michael at Embracing Forever and Eric at Awakening to Awareness. The steps come by embracing the moment, talking action and being willing to serve others. Again, we see the need for a blend of doing and being that leads to flow. The two keys steps for me are letting go of needing answers and taking action.

Until next time, I hope your life flows.

If not, then maybe you’ll join me in the dance of engagement and awareness. Blessings, Brad


30 thoughts on “Finding the Flow

  1. Brad…I love this post from you. It is such a delicate balance…and the operative word here is balance. One without the other is like clapping with one hand. I knew I felt a calm peacefulness from you lately…and it is because you feel more centered. And this flow that you speak of…I love how you mentioned the masculine/feminine approaches. I think there would be times when one was more favored over the other…again…a balance. Love that you felt it while riding your bike….physical activity is so enhanced when we are in the moment and “allowing” it to “be!”

    Love when you give us this kind of post….love that you are mixing it up. Love that you are in the
    “zone!” Much love!!! ❤

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  2. thanks Lorrie. Your continued love, support and encouragement mean a lot to me. I hope to live up to your and my high expectations. 🙂 As I mentioned, I found the flow while riding a bike, not yet in finding work or turning around my investments. And yes, I do feel more centered, so maybe this balance will extend out to other areas in my life. 🙂

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  3. Brad, I couldn’t sleep, and so dropped in here… Oh what wisdom.. I loved reading your thoughts. The film review at your Library of photo’s looks to have been a lovely event.. You said “Andrew’s photography reminds me to find the beauty in what is, rather than trying to force it.—This might be another way to define flow. Find the path (flow) by following it rather than forcing it.”..

    And you heard your own inspiration within the flow between your mind chatter.. “I yearn to find my place in the world, to know what is mine to do. Thankfully, I’ve had some recent reminders to let go of needing to figure it all out. “.. Eric’s Blog is wonderful.. I have to catch up with him also.. 🙂

    I think once we learn to let go and just BE within the Flow.. the rest follows…. I guess we all need that reminder now and again..
    Blessings your way Brad… and loved your in-depth posting
    Sue 🙂

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    • Thanks for your support Sue. I enjoy in depth posting too, though truthfully they are harder to create, when I feel I’m not living many of these lessons. And with the support of friends, spirit and life, I’ll keep reaching for love and action in the flow. 🙂


  4. I love being in the flow … for me, gardening is the fastest way to get there, but I can imagine that biking would be good too! I lose track of clock time and become one with what I’m doing, both focused and free from the tyranny of thoughts.

    I thought of you when I read this in an interview with Lynice Pinkard this week (I may be paraphrasing slightly) … “The opposite of rich isn’t poor, it’s free.”

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  5. Incredible photo ~ it seems to define that great balance you mention: “Occasionally I find that special balance or dance between the two polarities of being and doing.” Great post…and being able to flow is perhaps the best feeling a person can fell.

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  6. This is timely for me as I was talking with my ND yesterday about being rather than doing. I too seek that balance of being in the flow but life seems to have plans for me, even if it is soul enriching blog surfing, almost every minute of the day. The balance of fem/masc is a cornerstone issue for world peace. Luck lucky you for listening to the whispers that come only when the mind is quiet. Thank you for the inspiration. All good things to you sweet soul!

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  7. Hi Lisa, I’m glad that my writing serves you. I too spend a lot (too much?) of time on blogs and social media!
    Thanks for helping me see that I have better ways to use my time, like listening, flowing and acting. 🙂 I agree that balance of masculine and feminine energies is greatly needed in the world. To peaceful balance! XD


  8. Wow Denise. I’m touched that I help and stretch you. I previously wrote more posts like this one, but they didn’t seem to connect with my readers. I’m kinesthetic and prefer to live and describe things by the process involved. Maybe I’ll try more posts like this. Thanks for your feedback.


  9. Thanks for stating so clearly what I have noticed with my own meditations and life. I have been calling the out of sync feeling “pushing”. Which isn’t nearly as clearly understood by others as your understanding of what is happening. Also I would like to mention that 3 years ago I never would have imagined doing what I am now (farming) and 1 year ago I never would have imagined what I am doing with my consciousness. If you try to figure out where your passion is in this world (as I did for a long time), you give yourself tunnel vision of what is possible. Then you are pulling from a much smaller field of outcomes. The possibilities are infinite! It’s our human brain and heart that wants to know the one best way. No such thing, my friend!

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  10. Lovely reminder Esther. I’ve called it pushing before too, but needed the reminder that I’m probably pushing about finding my path. And I definitely fall into the trap of looking for the right answer. Thanks!


  11. I agree! I like how you tied this idea into your bike ride. When I’m in that balanced spot everything seems easy and falls into place. But, really, the work’s been done….I’ve trained, brought water, worn the right gear and the reward is that balance. Thanks!


  12. I agree with stripping away labels on ourselves or others, labels are so destructive – who needs them?!! Well done for thinking that out, it’s amazing how many people don’t realise how labelled they are.

    Andrew Kilgore is such an excellent photographer, he really does capture the window to the soul very well. I shall have to look some more info up about him. I used to do portrait photography, many years ago now, long before digital cameras came in. Out of all the photography I tried, people were definitely my favourite. It was lovely to see the response people had to seeing themselves in a way they wouldn’t normally on family photos. I’d have so much fun if I was doing today, the thought of being able to take loads of pictures, view them instantly and it not cost any extra would be great! 🙂

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  13. Glad you like Andrew’s work. He is quite the local hero. I find his photos very captivating and stirring to my soul. It might be fun to try some portrait work. I’ve only done it with friends a few times, but like you, I enjoyed evoking and capturing some fun responses.

    Thanks for your thoughtful reflections. It’s nice to connect with you and others around the world. blessings, Brad


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