Awesome Stories 189

This week Awesome Stories brings you living without money, love, tidal power, beauty and powerful women.

Living without Money living without money, Awesome Stories

While I highly value and enjoy living simply, I’m not sure I could give up money and possessions completely like this German woman. Heidemarie Schwermer made a deliberate choice to stop using money 14 years ago. She gave up her apartment and possessions, and set out to live simply day by day. 14 years later, she is still living without money and claims to feel more free and independent than ever. Some criticize her for living off the kindness of others. Much of the time she is provided a place to stay in return for her labor or services. Her story has been turned into a documentary highlighting the benefits and challenges of living without money, along with the pervasive nature of money in our society.

Tidal Power

If this demonstration project by Tidal Energy Ltd. goes well, Wales could be well on its way to becoming a leader in harnessing the power of the ocean for energy production. The world’s first large scale tidal wave generator is set to go online in September 2014 in Ramsay Sound, Pembrokeshire, Wales. If it performs as expected and passes the environmental reviews, then 9 more generators are planned to be installed around Wales, providing power for up to 10,000 homes. I like the idea, yet wonder about the impacts on marine life, aesthetics and navigation.What do you think?

What are You Teaching?

As you’re probably beginning to understand, I really like Kid President. In this video, we’re reminded that we are all models and teachers to each other, so we may as well be awesome. 🙂

Peaceful Women

Recent research suggests that including women in peacekeeping efforts can increase the likelihood of conflict resolution by 24%. Awesome idea! The article mentioned some conditions and caveats, like the importance of including local women involved in the conflict, not outsiders. And a wise caution that for the peace building to stick, there needs to be strong reconstruction processes that also includes women. The UN and other organizations are looking at quotas as possible ways to ensure women are included in future peacekeeping efforts. Awesome!

Love is All You Need

This story has it all; loss, heroes, love and overcoming adversity.

Beauty in the Fall

Glennon from Momastery often touches my heart and inspires me with her stories of courage and giving. This interview resonates deeply with me as she talks about hitting bottom and finding the beauty in the fall. I like her perspective to do the one next right thing. She’s a good model to help me embrace the gift in my losses, find what is most important and reclaim my powers. Thanks Glennon for the great reminder and inspiration! And I’m reclaiming responsibility for my life as I choose new ideas, intentions and actions.

Are there any challenges and losses in your life? Maybe we both have hidden opportunities lurking. 🙂


22 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 189

  1. I always enjoy the awesome stories you share, Brad 🙂
    So inspiring, I especially have an affinity for stories that spark hope for those who are going through a “Phoenix process” of sorts. I have been in and out of the underworld so many times in my own life and inspiration has always been such a welcome light to bring comfort. Thank you for sharing, much light to you, dear Brad ♡

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  2. Wow.. now that is a brave lady who is living from her heart and what an amazing story Brad.. Thank you for sharing yet again your Awesomeness… 🙂 And thank you for stopping by Dreamwalker’s I had no idea you had chosen this same video I posted.. I looked through several,, and at one point was going to post Michael Jackson’s We are the World.. then I saw another of young children singing a Peace Song, when I came across Playing for Change.. John Lennon’s song still sends goose bumps .. Oh if only more could join and share the dream by bringing Peace into their every day lives and stop judging, and petty arguments.. Once we are able to achieve Peace within.. We then create it within our World of reality..
    keep Creating Brad..
    Peace to you..

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  3. Thanks dear Sue for being a great model and advocate for peace. I often get goose bumps listening to Imagine. The lyrics are so profound and still relevant. You make a difference. We all do, and I appreciate your support. I’ll keep creating Brad and you keep creating Sue. XD


  4. Hi Brad! Yes..”Imagine” is one of my favorite songs of all time…and has been since I was young. Even then I “Imagined” a world with more live…and peace!!

    Love the stories this week Brad…and I also love the shift I feel in you!! Yes…ebbs and flows…and find quiet time to listen to your heart!!!!

    Much love to you Brad!! Thanks for always giving me some good “stories” on Saturday! ! ❤ ❤

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  5. Living without money in return for your services was how most people used to live many years ago. I don’ t really understand anyone being critical of that. As long as it’s not just begging but actually work, I see nothing wrong in that at all. Perhaps some are just jealous of her freedom?

    What a surprise for her to see her fiancée walk! I expect that put every other wedding gift they were given a little in the shade!! 😉

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  6. Thanks for your compassion Suzy. I agree and am glad that she is supported by the kindness of friends and strangers who are willing to trade with her. I totally agree about the wedding. She seemed profoundly touched as was I. 🙂


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