The Freedom of Choice

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This post was originally intended for July 4th, but obviously I didn’t finish it in time. 🙂 Since I’m pondering choice and freedom, it seems like a good time to share this post.

There are many popular definitions for freedom which involve doing what we want when we want it.

This kind of freedom is worshiped in our country and popular culture. Our media promote freedom as the pursuit of every desire that pops into our brain. And guess what pops in our brain if we feed ourselves the SAD (standard American diet) of junk food, pop magazines, mainstream news, TV, and media? Mostly fear, greed, consumption and chasing externals. What I call junk mind, that feeds off consumerism and selfishness, treating both people and the earth as commodities to use at will.

Yes, pursuing our dreams and goals is the essence of freedom. The danger is in chasing externals as the path to freedom.

If you’ve done any personal growth work, then you recognize the error of this approach. No amount of achieving your personal desires will ever result in lasting happiness or freedom. You will actually become a slave to endless consumption, goal setting and achievement. Not that goals and achievement are bad, but they are not freedom.

Many people on the path of personal growth aspire to time and financial freedom, thinking then they will be happy and free to follow their dreams. Yes, time and money are nice, but not required for true freedom. We can be free regardless of our circumstances.

To me, exercising conscious choice is true freedom.

True freedom, like true happiness, is an inside job. We must embrace our inner riches and powers to find freedom. Freedom comes with the realization that we are boundless love waiting for expression. Freedom comes from conscious choice used for love, to move beyond the perceived limits of our current circumstances. By trusting and acting on the power of choice, we embody freedom. Freedom becomes the ability to choose our responses to life; to love and thrive regardless of circumstances.

For me, this kind of freedom is the biggest, baddest personal development goal. Freedom from fear, the past, limits and attachments. Choosing to love unconditionally, regardless of circumstance or outcome, embodies the essence of true freedom. Choose love to find lasting freedom. 

Wishing you a life filled with the freedom of choice used in the service of love. 


35 thoughts on “The Freedom of Choice

  1. Very interestring post, I agree with you “exercising conscious choice is true freedom”, the French philosopher JP Sartre has written: ” “Choix et conscience sont une seule et même chose”, that means that “choice and awareness are the same”, thank you Brad!

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  2. I think your definition, “exercising conscious choice is true freedom” is accurate…pursue life in a manner where you can find true happiness (thus positively affecting those around you). FGM has a great quote in his above comment ~ perfect.

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  3. ‘Freedom becomes the ability to choose our responses to life; to love and thrive regardless of circumstances.’

    I think that on one level this is certainly true Brad; though perhaps it might also be viewed as a conditioned tendency to respond in this way or that – wisdom ‘chooses’ love and compassion, ignorance ‘chooses’ greed and hatred.

    The issue of ‘conscious choice’ is a tricky one though. Ever since the pioneering work of Benjamin Libet in the 70’s, the notion of ‘conscious choice’ has been continuously demonstrated to be a fallacy in the strictest sense. [see: Libet’s ‘Time On’ theory]

    And yet still, we are in a position to guide apparent choices healthily if we gravitate to what is pure and true morally and ethically. This conditions our responses such that those apparent choices conduce to our well-being, and to the welfare of others.

    Sorry to be picky and pedantic here Brad; I’m just trying to add another dimension to your thoughtful article if you will permit it.

    With all best wishes.


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    • Hi Hariod. I appreciate your thoughtful reply. You obviously have researched and thought about this topic more than I have so I surrender to your insights. 🙂 I’ve heard similar perspective from spiritual teachers who suggest we have choice within a destiny that we can’t escape. Meanwhile, I have enough to figure out attempting to choose what aligns with my heart, passions and values. 🙂

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  4. Another well-written, thought-provoking piece. My favorite line: “Freedom becomes the ability to choose our responses to life; to love and thrive regardless of circumstances.” Thank you for sharing your wonderful insight!!

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    • Thanks Shauna, I’m glad you thought it was thought provoking. It seems like standard new thought perspective with a little Brad rant about mainstream programing. I do know choice is power, even when I don’t exercise it. XD


  5. Excellent post with many insightful points Brad. It reminds me of the thoughts of Friedrich Nietzsche, who when held captive in labor camps made the statement that we may not all have the same liberties (read external options), but we all have the freedom of choice (internal response to a stimulus). When we are able to understand this concept, it is like opening a big present with a bow on it. The possibilities are literally endless when we truly understand what is possible, regardless of external circumstances, when we exercise our freedom of choice. Thanks for sharing Brad and best wishes for an inspired day!

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    • Interesting reminders Dave. I was actually thinking about Viktor Frank and his experience in finding inner meaning while being held prisoner in concentration camps. I like your perspective of choice being a big present with a bow. Maybe I better go open my presents! 🙂


  6. An inspiring, well written and well thought-out post Brad. Your philopsophy rings so true, I wish the masses of selfish consumers could read and undertand it. When you understand the nature of true freedom, life can never be the same again. Thanks for sharing your thoughgts Brad 🙂

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    • Thanks for sharing your reflections Robert. I could write a long, angry and rambling article about the programing of our society in service of large corporations. But I try to focus on inspiring topics. 🙂 blessings, Brad


      • You know what Brad? I couldn’t be happier that you said that! A couple of years ago I would not have been role model material…I am Blessitude!! And I will try my best not to let you down!! Much love and peace ❤

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  7. “True freedom, like true happiness, is an inside job.”

    Love this, and resonate with it deeply. There is a saying in the Jungian world that our ability to “make the unconscious, conscious, allows us to mitigate the negative effects of the unconscious.” Basically, by realizing when we are acting out of conditioning, patterned hurts/behaviors etc, we can set the old learned ways free and better align to the desires of our larger being, not just ego. Oh, what a lifelong practice it is!! Sending warmth of the heart your way…


  8. I agree with you about the biggest, baddest personal development goal 🙂 It feels sooo good to be in control of your response to life … to realize and own that you don’t need to be at the mercy of what anyone else does, that you don’t have to allow external stimuli to drive your response. I think life almost begins again at that point … it’s a whole new ballgame 🙂

    So many people don’t believe this is possible. So many people believe that we are forced to have consumption as the purpose of our lives. Just goes to show how important beliefs are … first you have to believe in the possibility 🙂

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    • Hi Heather and welcome to my blog. 🙂 Freedom does feel fantastic and truthfully I’m still practicing this so I don’t always respond from freedom. 🙂 I like your description of it being a whole new ballgame. Batter up! XD To belief, choice and freedom.


  9. The Power Of Choice.
    That is it in a nutshell, Brad. It took me years to understand that I wasn’t making choices, I was simply reacting. Conscious choices are only possible once we know ourselves and we can reason, consider, and choose without our baggage in the way.
    Love this post!!


    • Thanks Denise. I’m glad you’ve reclaimed your power of choice! The post is a reminder for me to step up my awareness of choice and how much it can impact my life for the better when I’m conscious and proactive. blessings, Brad


    • It’s a hard concept to embrace. Especially that we are responsible for how we respond to life. And I’m still a work in progress. 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement. To freedom and friends along the path. 🙂


  10. “No amount of achieving your personal desires will ever result in lasting happiness or freedom. You will actually become a slave to endless consumption, goal setting and achievement.” Wonderful.

    This may sound like a different angle though it’s a related thought, but I also believe boundaries help us find our freedom. They help us make the wisest choices, the best over the good, where happiness and fulfillment lie.

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