hidden feelings stirAwakening, poetry, passion

dormant passions come alive

my heart beats strongly


the gate has opened

passions bubble and erupt

time to awaken


This lovely © image by Vera Komnig awakened something in me. Visit her gallery for more beautiful and evocative paintings. Thanks Vera!


29 thoughts on “Awakening

  1. I love Love LOVE this Brad!!! YES!!! You are awakening…and in your path you touch us all!! I love that you are diving in to things that just a few short months ago you weren’t so sure about…BRAVO!!! The most wonderful haiku…and the fact that it came from inspiration from a painting by Vera (I LOVE her art!) is even more special…because there is CONNECTION!! Beautiful day dear friend 🙂


  2. Beautiful choice of words and image, Brad. It is amazing when those dormant realities come up to the surface for air. How long can they hold their breath down there!? They’re so majestic when they rise, a pod of living potentials… We are a strange sea. We forget sometimes, but we have whales inside of us!?!




  3. Thank you Michael. Your mind works in such a delicious manner. Dormant realities bubbling up in majestic bubbles with hidden whales. Your imagination is fascinating. 🙂 Time for some deep sea exploration! XD


  4. Its a beautiful image.. and I often think we are inspired and touched by various things which can irrupt and awaken our souls, as we see and perceive at different levels …. I was filled up to the brim of my heart the other day, simply by watching some sparrows feed their fledglings on the corn and meal-worms I had put out on the feeder.. It was a joy to watch for 15 mins from my kitchen window as the mother sparrow fed not one but 3 of her offspring patiently picking up the corn, and dried meal worms she broke it up and placed within their beaks..
    The smile upon my face was from ear to ear… As I was so privileged to witness her love and her little family..

    We are all of us awakening to many things Brad.. each one adds to the whole experience.. 🙂


  5. I agree Sue, I’m grateful and intrigued at the variety of things that touch my heart and open my perceptions to a larger, more loving view. Watching nature often does that for me, as well as some music, art, and watching kids play! How wonderful that you could open to such beauty and joy watching the sparrow family. I just enjoyed a smile with you. 🙂 Thanks.

    I love your perspective that we are each awakening and adding to the whole. Thanks for your loving presence and comments. to awakenings! 🙂


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