Awesome Stories 1.77

This week Awesome Stories brings you mothering, dance, tiny solar, peace of mind, ketchup cars and open source ideas.

Challenging Kidschallenging children, Awesome Stories

This is an inspiring post about mothering and accepting what can be called challenging kids that don’t fit in and make it easy for their parents or others. But as Janelle reminds us, love will find a way. Then we see beyond the challenges to the strengths, uniqueness and ultimately the gifts of each child. Janelle offers great reminders on parenting and life. Often our challenges are opportunities to build a new skill, make a better choice or embody a fuller self-expression. I’ve been learning to lean into my challenges, looking for the hidden gifts, blessing the challenge and asking what do I need to learn from this situation. Try it on your next challenge!

Solar Nanoparticles

Researchers at the University of Toronto have created a new type of solar sensitive nanoparticles called colloidal quantum dots. If you’re not sure what that means, read this article! They’ve figured out how to make them stable and efficient at converting sunshine into energy. These particles could provide cheaper and more diverse solar energy applications ranging from solar panels, to optoelectronic devices like remote controls, weather stations and satellite communication, as well as adding the dots to paints, dyes and shingles to capture sunlight energy in many common applications. Very cool. 🙂

Evocative Dance

I love watching many forms of modern and ballet dance. Lately, I’ve been exploring some new forms like Native-American SupaMan and street dance. I have a strong attraction to Native American cultures. the haunting beauty of traditional flute music and pow wow dancing, and the travesty of our treatment of native peoples. The conditions on many reservations are heart wrenching with third world conditions, pain, poverty and rampant alcoholism. Meanwhile, here is a beautiful and evocative dance video by the Kaha:wi Native-American troupe in Canada.

Ketchup in Your Next Car?

Ford and Heinz are working hard to utilize the abundant tomato waste from making ketchup! They have created a bioplastic using the tomato scraps and are continuing to test its viability as a product for car interiors and other plastics. Meanwhile, Proctor and Gamble, Nike and others are exploring this tomato-based plastic for packaging ideas. Sounds creative and a bit messy. XD

Peace of Mind

You may know that peace is one of my highest goals in life and I do what I can to promote peace in the world through my communication and actions like being a Blogger 4 Peace. For any fellow bloggers, I encourage you to consider joining the family. Meanwhile, I just found another interesting project called A Peace of Mind, started by John Noltner, a freelance photographer based in Minnesota. Their aim is to foster peace, conflict resolution and public dialog through the use of art, portrait and stories to highlight discussion of peace and what it means to people. Sometimes I think peace is a better goal than love. What do you think?

Open Source Knowledge

The open source movement is rapidly growing and expanding beyond software into sharing knowledge, hardware, politics, resources and culture. Diverse groups such as Wikileaks, Open Tech Collaborative and Open Source Ecology are sharing, collaborating and innovating. Here is an interesting article that highlights 10 open hardware projects that might help save the planet. There is huge potential if we as individuals step up to help build, fund or distribute these ideas. I loved the TED Talk by Wikihouse about design for and by the 99% instead of for the 1%. Please review and share. Thanks!

Have an awesome week.

I believe a simple creative activity, a random kindness or choosing love makes for an awesome day. Do these things often enough and you have an awesome week or life! Let’s create a world of everyday heroes.


7 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 1.77

  1. Great job Brad! Love the solar nanoparticles…especially in paint!! And how about those tomatoes?? I love when things are repurposed…but…really? I don’t know why I should be shocked 🙂 Thanks for your hard work researching these posts…I look forward to them! ❤


  2. Thanks Lorrie, I love reading and looking for fun, inspiring stories to share. Even better, I appreciate that you and others like what I share. That makes it a true blessing and joy. And I so appreciate your enthusiastic support. blessings my friend 🙂


  3. Great reporting and sharing once again, Brad. The Peace of Mind project looked very interesting. I like seeing photos of people like you can see on their web-site, and I wholeheartedly agree with the approach I gleaned from a quick scan, which is that if we get to know one another, and display some vulnerability in our sharing of who we are, we can find ways to sustain peace.



  4. Thanks Michael. Peace has always been appealing to me. I guess that’s why I blog for peace, follow the TCIM and other paths of peace. Yes, the Peace of Mind project uses art and conversation to build bridges of understanding. I appreciate you.


  5. Wonderful post… loved reading your article here, so many interesting links.. Peace should be our main aim in life.. And so pleased to see another who is drawn to the Native American ways..
    Wishing you well on this 4th Day of July…

    I Came via Hunt for Truth’s Reblog..
    Blessings Sue


  6. Hi Sue, thanks for visiting and reading. I appreciate Eric and his inclusive views which mirror many of mine. And I’ve always been drawn to the Native American path; honoring the earth and all life as a web or family.
    have a wonderful day of freedom and peace, 🙂


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