Ode to Roses

Ode to Rosesroses, passion, poetry

aroma of the gods, oozing passion

wafting through my mind and body

yearning to be whole again

free of mind, free of limits, free of fear

return home to love on my sweet aroma

… muse brad


This poem was previously on my musings page from before I was routinely writing poetry. It was actually the first poem I ever wrote and put out in the world. I wrote the first version maybe 20 years ago while in the mountains of Colorado, dreaming of passion. I revised it when I posted it about a year ago and wish I had kept the original. For those of you who previously liked it on my musings page, thanks!


16 thoughts on “Ode to Roses

    • Wow, there you are again Neha. Thanks for your enthusiastic support of my poetry and blog! I don’t know how you create so many wonderful poems day after day. Sometimes I spend hours on a short little poem. 🙂


      • You’re welcome, you make it easy for me to appreciate your work 🙂 …And you are much too kind about my work, I too have days when my mind and heart are at disconnect and it takes a while to pen anything down 🙂


  1. Thanks for the wonderful compliment. Funny how many of us are hard on ourselves and our work. I like your perspective of alignment with mind and heart. to allowing our muses to play free of judgement! XD


  2. Thanks Lorrie, seems to show the grace of beginner’s mind, before I even considered myself a writer. 🙂 Actually, much of our “climb” seems to a return to the innocence of beginner’s mind and youth, before we learn to monitor, inhibit, judge our creativity.


  3. ”oozing passion
    wafting through my mind and body
    yearning to be whole again”….Brad…you’ve infused my mind within a roses heart..absolutely beautifully written!:)


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