Love is in my Heart

Thanks to spring with the explosion of flowers and green, and practicing my “I love you’s”, love is in my heart. XD

love, Matt Kahn

A few months ago, I started following Matt Kahn and his teachings on the love revolution. His messages are simple, yet powerful. Most of his messages sound similar to other spiritual teachers, but I like the core practice of saying “I love you” in response to everything that happens in our lives. The idea being that everything that is happening is a call to love, to go deeper into the core of our being and experience the truth of who we are. This is Matt’s Love Revolution.

Some of his ideas fly in the face of contemporary wisdom. According to Matt, our choices do not create our outcomes, only the quality of our experiences. This fits more with my experiences. I’ve tried goal setting, visualization, affirmations and more, but rarely create what I’ve intended. As I’m surrendering to life, I’ve relaxed more into the life that is happening and unfolding right here and now. I spend more time in the present and less in the past and future.

The core message in the video below is to turn adversity into our ally instead of our enemy. Our human instinct seems to be to resist or try to avoid adversity. Matt suggests that love is the key to moving gracefully through life, making adversity our ally rather than our enemy. He reminds us that every experience is happening to help us grow and evolve. When we have a challenge, the best course is to focus more on accepting and loving whatever comes up inside us, rather than trying to change or avoid the circumstances.

The other message that hit home, was Matt’s simple rule to only speak to ourself and others as we would to a young child in pain. No advice or spiritual platitudes. AMEN to that! The video is an hour long, but worth exploring for Matt’s wisdom, loving energy and humor about the spiritual path.

Thanks for reading, caring and commenting. I appreciate all of you who take the time from your busy lives to join me on this journey back home to love. 

PS I love you ❤


6 thoughts on “Love is in my Heart

  1. Hi Brad! Thanks so much for the great reminder. It certainly does make life a much better place to come from a place of love…no matter the circumstance. I like the quote about talking to a young child in pain…wow…what a really great idea!!! and thanks for introducing me to Matt…I had not heard of him before. Love to you!


  2. Hi Lorrie, I’m glad that you find value in my posts. XD Mat has really touched a chord with me. I hope he serves you in some way. I love the idea of treating ourself & others as precious & hurt children who need gentle love. blessings and thanks for your enthusiastic support!


  3. Relaxing into the here and now!.. Surrendering to this moment in Love.. Thank you for all your posts Heart to Heart Robyn… I am flowing with the fact that my original blog is what comments here.. Guess I am suppose to combine the two Ha… Heart to heart Robyn


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