Awesome Stories 1.72

This week Awesome Stories brings you kindness, simple truth, friendly plastics, terrific tears and mindful cleaning.

Lessons in Kindness

This short story touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. Carolyn North writes about her former kindergarten teacher, Mary Beth Washington, who is still teaching, loving and giving at 93. Now days, she takes to the streets with her message to look for the gifts, teaching anyone who will listen, She has a knack for knowing what people need and giving it to them. I was touched by Mary Beth’s simple joy and wisdom that shines through this story. We all need a teacher, friend or family like Mary Beth to shine a little light in our heart!

Simple Truth

I love this short simple video by Bill Hicks on life. He reminds us that life is just a ride and the choice is simple: fear or love. I choose love!

Earth Friendly Plastics

Researchers at Wyss Institute have made a breakthrough in creating a bioplastic made from chitin, the material found in crustacean and insect shells. There is a tremendous need for earth friendly materials for packaging, plastics and many more industrial uses. Materials that are friendly to produce and dispose, so we don’t continue to clog our planet in plastic waste. Researchers at Wyss Institute have found a new way to fabricate 3D objects from chitosan, a form of chitin. The best part is this chitosan begins to biodegrade within about two weeks and releases nutrients that can be used to enhance plant growth.

The Inner World of Tearsphoto of basal tears, Awesome Stories

What an amazing collection of photos showing just how different tears can be. Tears are as different as snowflakes, and influenced by what is going on in the inner world of the person, as well as viscosity, chemistry, evaporation and more. According to Joseph Stromberg of the Smithsonian’s Collage of Arts and Sciences, there are three major types of tears: basal, reflex, and psychic (triggered by emotions). I can’t believe how different and beautiful the close-up photos of tears can be. Awesome!

Tear photos by Rose-Lynn Fisher

Fuel from Garbage

I love this project! Solena Fuels has been contracted by British Airways to supply $500,000 million in jet fuel made from garbage. Besides reducing oil use and emissions, this synthetic fuel is cost competitive and reduces the amount of garbage in landfills. Surprisingly, this contract will only supply 2% of the jet fuel needed by British Airways over the next 10 years, but it’s a great start. If all the world’s garbage was used this way, it would supply 25% of the world’s current jet fuel demand. And the fuel can be used in existing engines, plants and distribution with no retrofits needed. This is a great step away from fossil fuels and a great use of garbage!

Clean your Soul

This may seem weird to some of you, but I’ve always enjoyed cleaning, both the process and the results. This article talks about using cleaning as conscious ritual to clean your inner and outer worlds. I believe this is what I’ve always done, and I’m going to make a point of being more conscious with the process. Tolulope Ilesanmi has turned cleaning into a sacred process with his company Zenith Cleaners. To Tolu, “Cleaning is the process of removing dirt from any space, surface, object, or subject, thereby exposing beauty, potential, truth, and sacredness.” Maybe I need to apply for a job or start my own cleaning service! Go ahead, clean your soul.  XD

What needs cleaning up in your life? Care to share?


9 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 1.72

  1. Brad…Once again…Bravo! I so look forward to your posts. The one one tears is amazing!! But of course the energy behind them would look different! The photos are beautiful. can see the emotions in them. Have a super weekend…much love!


  2. Thanks Lorrie. I appreciate all your loving comments. I found the tears beautiful as art by themselves and lovely to find beauty behind what is often considered a painful or “bad” emotion. Though I’m learning to let all emotions be OK. Today was a fun day touring local gardens with a sustainable twist. I should have taken pictures, but I was on my bike!


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