Mama Mia

Mama Mia

within your womb and welcoming arms

tribute to mothers, Mothers Day

Mom and I, maybe 1994

the journey from dream to birth

protecting us from all harms

a heart of love and mirth


you’ve taken a solemn oath

in this school of love

with lessons in growth

offering your peace dove


little by little we learn to let go

til eventually we leave the nest

ready to conquer the world we know

no need for mothers or rest


sadly we learn it’s not so easy

to offer the love we must

sometimes we feel queasy

but it’s love or bust


thanks for your love

nurturing, kindness and hugs

your steady guidance from above

appreciating our beauty and grubs

~the love of mothers

My tribute to Mom, and all the women (or men) who love, cook, clean, teach, guide and nurture our lives. You offer us unconditional love in which to thrive. Now, more than ever, the world needs your love to lead us in new ways of cooperating with each other and the planet.

Happy Mother’s Day. Thanks for all your love! ❤



12 thoughts on “Mama Mia

  1. Hi Brad,

    That is a lovely tribute…there is some emotion which you seem to have half-expressed and covered it up with an amazing picture! Yes…mothers are THE best hope…the unparalleled and unprecedented!


    • Thanks Balroop. I wonder if that hidden part is the not perfect aspects of my Mom and our relationship? But I accept we’re all doing the best we can and learning to embrace the imperfections of people and life. Which picture? Yes, the world needs a lot more nurturing and cooperation. As our speaker at Unity said today, the men have been leading for millennia and see where that’s gotten us!


  2. Thanks Melanie. LOL, no my Mom is not Italian, though she is a Euro mix. Did I make her sound Italian? 🙂
    Most people celebrate with meals, flowers and cards in the US. What do you do in France? Happy mama’s day!


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