May Day Heart Bloom

Heart BloomMay Day, Heart Bloom, poetry

My heart opens with this May bloom

Nurturing my soul like a womb

Silent, sacred place

Radiant my face

Warm embrace

Heart in bloom


To welcome May, flowers, Mothers, hearts and love, I offer one more poem. This one is a clogyrnach with the syllable structure of 885533 and rhyme of aabbba.

I love the beauty of nature, especially when I find hidden treasures in the ordinary, like the details of the iris blossom above. Years ago, my photography starting moving from landscapes to finding the beauty in the small and ordinary gifts in life. This Ukrainian photographer captures this approach phenomenally well in his gorgeous macro shoots of snails!

May your heart bloom along with the May flowers!



12 thoughts on “May Day Heart Bloom

  1. Thanks Himani! Coming from you, that means a lot. I’ve great models with you, Ihsan, Line and some many other poets from the NaPoWriMo. It’s been a fun adventure to let my soulful side blossom along with poetry. 🙂


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