Mystic Meadows

Mystic Meadows

photo source: Gayle Shoemaker Fetick

photo source: Gayle Shoemaker Fetick

Once upon a time

I dreamed of mystic meadows

exploding in springtime wildflowers

birds, bees and beauty galore


feasting on bountiful blossoms

dispensary of divine nectar

resting in that mystic meadow

I float on puffy clouds


imagining bold adventures near and far

fanciful journeys of mind and soul

fully satiated by the beauty found

ready to return to waking life


The delightful photo above was taken by my friend Gayle Shoemaker Fetick. Check out her wildflowerย collection taken this spring. One of these years, I’m going to see this glorious treat in person. Thanks for the inspiration Gayle!ย 



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