Awesome Stories 1.64

This week Amazing Stories brings you grace, beauty, airships, passion, creative healing and communion with nature.

Amazing GraceKeshia Thomas- Awesome Stories

To me, Keshia Thomas was and is an everyday hero. She walks the talk of kindness and compassion. She made headlines as a teenager, during a KKK rally in Ann Arbor Michigan. Things started to get out of hand with the anti-KKK crowd chasing a white man, believed to be a KKK member, with threats to beat him. She knew that wasn’t right and stepped in to protect him, throwing herself over him to shield him from the crowd. She later explained, “violence is violence, nobody deserves to be hurt, especially for an idea.” Keshia continues to practice small acts of kindness, believing they help break down racial stereotypes and add up to a good life. I totally agree!

Unique Transporter

Britain has just unveiled what would be the biggest cargo transport aircraft. Called, the Airlander, this giant balloon-like craft can not only hold large amounts of cargo, but land almost anywhere without the need for landing infrastructure. I don’t really understand how it flies, but it’s like a giant hot air balloon using helium instead of volatile hydrogen like the flammable airships of the 1930s. It seems like an interesting vessel that British designers hope to sell for use in disaster relief, mining and surveillance.

Pattern Languagecob homes- Awesome Stories 1.64

Pattern language is a design approach that uses patterns to soothe and solve problems. Notice the use of natural light, natural building materials, windows looking out into a soothing view, etc. Check out this cool cob home. I’d love to live in a home like this. How about you?

Superheroes to the Rescue

This Brazilian hospital, Camargo Cancer Center, has a creative approach to treating the children in the cancer center. They teamed up with an ad agency to create a Superhero theme with custom comic books showing superheroes also fighting cancer with superformulas and superfriends. The idea is to help make the process more friendly, relatable and inspiring for the children using the superheroes. The superheroes have to fight the cancer with ordinary means just like the kids. Seems like a helpful and creative approach. What do you think?

Soulful music video as tribute to communing with nature. 

Passion for Purpose

Adam Braun’s transformation started with traveling, finding himself and ultimately his passion for helping kids. The turning point was when he asked a young boy what he most wanted, and the boy said a pencil. Adam realized that so many of these children were limited by lack of access to education. From this simple idea and wanting to build a school, Pencils of Promise has grown to become a thriving social change organization. They’ve built over 200 schools with their inspiring approach based on passion, accountability and partnership. Read more about their inspiring story.

Project Yosemite

Watch this beautiful time lapse video from Yosemite, one of my favorite National Parks.

What inspires you? Beauty, nature, passion, your family? Feel free to share below.


6 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 1.64

  1. Brad, I am guessing the Pattern Language home is a shout-out to the work and ideas of architect Christopher Alexander? I have a number of his books, and love his ideas about what it means for a space or a creative act to be imbued with life and meaning. His work is amazing!



  2. Nahko Bear’s music with video by SailinJerry Films is no doubt now my most favorite video in my life. “Original footage was used for a series of commercials called Estrellas del Bicentenario, which was part of the Bicentennial celebration intended to reflect the natural beauty of Mexico to the world.” What would I do without this wonderful blog to introduce me to such glory? Thanks!


  3. Thanks so much Amanda for your high praise! That video is totally captivating with the amazing beauty, videography and music. I wonder if the women really are connecting with the animals or if it’s digitally created? Thanks for the background info. to cherishing the beauty of nature. 🙂


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