Returning to Love

Do you want more love in your life?

To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness. ~ Robert Muller

Returning to Love

Here are 5 great practices for returning to love.

On a spiritual level, we already are love, so we don’t really need to return. But we can block the awareness of love with our minds and habits like I do when I get too mental with analysis of life. The practices below help us to expand our awareness of love, allowing it to be experienced and grown in our hearts, minds and bodies. I also believe love in action is the highest expression of love.

1- Gratitude is my core practice.

I’ve written about the power of gratitude many times as a way to acknowledge and grow the blessings in our lives. It’s also a great way to feel connected to more than ourself. It’s easier to be grateful for the things we enjoy and cherish like our friends, home, family, etc.

My current gratitude practice is to be grateful for everything, even my challenges. I’ve gradually accepted that challenges are my growing edge. They are life/ spirit bringing us the perfect opportunities to stretch and grow to become more of the beautiful beings we are meant to be. Will you join me in practicing more gratitude?

To help you get started, here’s a popular post on gratitude called Open Your Heart to Gratitude.

2- Before gratitude, many of us need to work on forgiveness.

Anger, blame and holding onto the past in many forms can greatly block the flow of love and life. I’m learning to forgive those I thought had harmed me. Gradually, I realized that my own thoughts were causing me much more pain than the original act that triggered my feelings of hurt or anger. Why keep torturing myself? Did that person harm me? Sometimes yes, but forgiveness is more for ourselves. Often, we hold a seed of unworthiness that locks us into the past and pain. I’ve done this with financial losses. My journey is to keep releasing and forgiving, helping me to expand my capacity to love in the moment.

If you want some inspiration on forgiveness, read this powerful story told by Jack Kornfield. I guarantee it will touch your heart. You might want tissues nearby! 🙂

3- Acceptance is a great daily practice.

Acceptance is what brings us home to self and holds our other practices together. It’s a doorway to the love we want. Each time we offer acceptance, our capacity to experience love grows. It doesn’t matter what direction (to ourselves or others) that we send acceptance, it blesses all. The more of life that we can embrace (from the light to the dark, the hurts, imperfections and all), the more we align with our core identity as love. Once we embody love, then our lives flow with more grace, beauty and purpose.

My new vision is to consciously dance with the divine every day. To be looking for the divine in all people and situations. As a course in miracles teaches, everything is either an expression of love or a call to love.

4- Speak the phrase “I love you”, over and over, until you embody love.

This is a new practice for me that I heard from Matt Kahn. He suggests the simple practice of saying I love you as the way to align with love. Watch the video for more on using this simple practice to transform your life.

5- Communing with source.

Meditation is the time-honored practice for connecting with source. It’s a great way to still the mind and body, allowing our energy to settle like a muddied river. And sometimes I connect more easily through movement like dancing or walking. Do whatever helps you to connect to the divine.

Are you ready to return to love? 

Here’s another way to love from Ihsan at iithinks blog. Ihsan (a lovely poet and kind soul) offered this Rumi video to remind me of the way home to love. Thanks Rumi and Ihsan!

PS, I Love You, musebrad ❤



12 thoughts on “Returning to Love

  1. Nice post, and I love the Rumi video Brad. Rumi poetry, roses and Metallica together… that’s something and it is beautiful.


  2. Hi Brad,

    This is a lovely symphony of love…an amalgamation of forgiveness and acceptance accomplishes all the peace and happiness one can dream of! I have always felt that we must forgive all those who have hurt us and even those who plan to put stumbling blocks before us. There is no doubt that forgiveness takes us nearer to blessings…when we forgive, we remove those handcuffs of unnecessary attachments…we get closer to freedom!


  3. “be grateful for everything, even my challenges. I’ve gradually accepted that challenges are my growing edge.” Love it, Brad. We all know we can’t raise kids giving them only what they want or demand. And yet when the rug’s pulled out from under us, we throw our tantrum. At least shake a fist.

    Beautiful post. We are blessed watching you nurture all the good in your life this challenging season of your life.


  4. Thank you Diana. I appreciate you caring, remembering the details of my life and connecting the dots. I feel blessed to have you and other caring folks sharing in my journey. Sometimes it’s good to throw a little tantrum if we can then let it go, accept and move on! XD blessings,


  5. I love this post. I really really do. It is such a solid reminder to continually soak in a bubble bath of gratitude! (My daughters have been talking about bubbles a lot since summer arrived!) As you mentioned, we certainly are walking down kindred paths these days! I am looking forward to more of your insights.


  6. Hi Lisa. I appreciate you digging around on my site for nuggets of goodness. 🙂 This was one of my favorites and I’m glad you enjoyed it and reminded me to practice my lessons. 🙂 I’m happy to be walking down the path together. Many blessings!


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