Awesome Stories 1.63

This week Awesome Stories brings you the latest news on sustainability, art, thriving, floating homes, surprises and air powered cars!

Solar Powered Floating Homes! 

floating homes, Awesome Stories

image by SRT EcoBuild

Floating homes, aka house boats, have been around for a long time, but only recently have they become both trendy and sustainable. Some groups, like Bouyant House Foundation, consider them a good way to adapt to rising water levels. SRT EcoBuild is looking to establish a village of floating homes in the waterways of Leith, Edinburgh. They plan to build them as low impact as possible with off site construction, solar power, rain harvesting, energy efficiency, and significantly less expensive than typical homes in Edinburgh. I would love to see one of these, maybe even live in one. How about you?

Creative Mandalas

Kathy Klein flower mandala

Check out these creative mandalas using flowers and plants. Kathy Klein makes them as a kind of meditation practice and ode to nature. Beautiful!

Image by Kathy Klein.

Air Powered Cars!

I’ve been reading about this technology for several years wondering if it was ever coming to market. Puegot has recently announced plans to build what might be the most eco-friendly and high mileage car yet seen. The Hybrid Air technology combines internal gas combustion engine and compressed air storage. The major innovation lies in the way the powertrain adapts to driving styles, adjusting to one of three modes: Air, Gasoline, and Combined. The air powered cars will have an estimated 117 mpg and run on air 80% of the time!

Valentine’s Surprise

Most Innovative Solar Company

The Clean Energy Collective in Boulder, Colorado just won the 2014 award for the Most Innovative Solar Company. They were the first US company to pioneer collective purchasing of solar systems. This model has many advantages for small business and homeowners. They can save money, use “green” energy, avoid large upfront costs and maintenance, yet reap the advantages of owning and using solar energy. Many homeowners are restricted from putting solar panels on their roofs due to solar access or community provisions. CEC also offers special software that allows remotes access to all the energy use and billing data, plus they handle the installation, maintenance and even insurance.

Mysterious PhotographerVivian Maier- Awesome Stories

In case you missed it, social media has been abuzz with posts about a New York nanny who secretly moonlighted as a photographer. The unknown work of Vivian Maier was discovered by John Maloof in a local art auction. Gradually, as he developed her huge body of work, John realized he had found a great undiscovered talent and began sharing her work. Her art garnered high profile shows around the world, media attention and high prices. She is being called one of the mid-century’s most important street photographers.  Read more to learn about her surprising story and captivating photography.

Trees as Water Filters

I know it sounds crazy, but researchers have found that tree branches can serve as effective natural water filters. The sapwood of pines has just about the right size pores to allow the water to flow through while capturing the bacteria. Natures grand design for water uptake works just as well as a natural filter. Who knew? This might be a solution for campers or people who don’t have access to more expensive water filters. I might try it just for fun. FYI, yes I use a water filter and recommend them for most people on municipal water to further improve the water quality for health reasons. Having previously sold water filters, I can give you suggestions if you’re interested.

Do you like the stories about sustainability? Sustainability is near to my heart and yet I suspect people would rather read human interest stories.

Please let me know your preferences. Thanks.


8 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 1.63

  1. I like human interest stories about sustainability, which you often feature. Combining more than one cause (like an eco entrepreneur who rose above poverty or illness) is probably my favorite Awesome Story type. Keep the stories coming! 🙂


  2. Just want you to know that, although I don’t always have the time to read all and almost never comment, I DO try to keep up with your blog. Right now I’m envisioning being lulled to sleep by water in my floating home (powered and fueled by the sun) with my Hybrid air car parked nearby, and smiling over the Valentine singers.


  3. Hey Brad! Love the video of the guys singing and handing out flowers! So cool 🙂 You always find such great, inspiring stories and videos to share. Thanks for brightening my day!


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