Awesome Stories 1.62

This week Awesome Stories brings you beauty, infinite love, compassion, music and a boy genius.

Beauty in Science

merging art and science

Image of Millefiori No. 01 by Fabian Oefner

Actually, Fabian Oefner creates stunning images by capturing moments from science experiments. He loves both science and art with their common roots in curiosity. His intention is to create more communication between the two fields by making art based on science. Read this article called the art of science to learn more and see his amazing photos.

Infinite Love

It started as four mothers wanting to learn from their personal suffering. After soul searching, they decided that loving service was the answer. Infinite Love was born of their desire to serve. Starting with simple meditations, their work has blossomed into feeding the homeless, supporting cancer patients and much more. Read their inspiring story or visit their website to learn about all they do to serve love in south Texas.

Big Heart

Here’s a touching story about a big-hearted boy who found his passion. He offers wise advice to find a need and just help.

Compassion Georgia Style

This family in Georgia had a unique solution after their daughter cancelled her wedding. They were about to cancel the venues, when the father, Willie Fowler, had a vision to use the venue to feed the homeless. Together with a local group, Hosea Feed the Hungry, they bused, fed, offered encouragement and even a motivation program for the attendees. They were so touched by the spirit of giving that they’ve decided to make it a yearly event.

Boy Wonder

Some might call Jake Barnette a boy wonder. He’s certainly wicked smart. After a rough start with Aspergers and special education, his mother decided to take him out of public school. This allowed Jake the freedom to pursue his passion for math and science at a voracious pace, discovering extraordinary talents, and excelling at school. At 13, he’s already published research, given lectures, about to graduate college, starting to write a book, and intends to transform the theory of relativity. Look out world!

Compassion in the Bronx

I had heard this story before and recently saw it on social media. I’m amazed that someone could respond so lovingly to being robbed. Read  how Julio Diaz turned the situation into an opportunity to offer kindness, compassion and real help to the young man robbing him. I am inspired by his story and hope to remember this next time someone needs help, even if they aren’t asking for it in a direct way. As A Course in Miracles teaches, everything is ultimately either love or a request for love.

Love is All You Need

Fun and uplifting song by Playing for Change. I love how this organization promotes positive reform with music.

That’s a wrap for this week’s stories. I hope you found something to inspire you!


11 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 1.62

  1. Hi Brad,
    Thanks for two fantastic stories of Jake Barnette and Julio Diaz, I really enjoyed reading them and the video of the Wonder prodigy is really so stunningly pleasant!

    Some comments seem to doubt the story of Diaz but even if it is fiction, it is sublime!

    Brad, when you attach the links, you just have to click a small box, which suggests…’open in a new window’ and the story doesn’t take us away from your blog…its always good to keep your site open before the reader when you offer more stories.

    Thanks for being an awesome finer, reader and sharer!


  2. Hi Balroop, thanks for being an awesome reader, commenter and editor! 🙂 I’ll look into that way to link, though truthfully, I don’t mind linking and sharing to other sites. Goodness, warms my heart, whether real or imagined deeds!


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