Living The Questions of Your Life

This is a profound post from Stacy at Live What You Know.

It is exactly the wisdom and reminders I needed in my life at this time. As you may know, I’ve been in a soul searching mode of what next for my life, work and more. I will be practicing these wise lessons, starting with loving the questions.

May we learn to love and embrace the unknown. Blessings, Brad

Live What You Know

‘Instead of asking, “What do I want from life?”, a more powerful question is, “What does life want from me?’ —Eckhart Tolle

It is a miracle to be here.  We are all here to do something.  We are all shaped by our experiences.  Every experience is meaningful.  We become who we are meant to be so we may bring what we are meant to bring to this world.  We are connected to Everything; there is no-one and no-thing we are not connected to.  Our choices, intentions, interactions and energies ripple out to others and come back to us.  Once we are aware of all this happening, synchronicities abound that connect us to more of ourselves while enhancing others’ ability to do the same.  The Universe/God works perfectly in assisting all of this, but once we are aware of it, we co-create with Life.  This all happens, not by figuring…

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