Tuning to the Divine

Just like a radio tuner, we must tune ourselves to God’s frequency.

Tuning to Love and God

Image source: 11:11 Awakening Code

Here’s a bit of synchronicity. I had the tuning idea yesterday and today this picture showed up on Facebook!

I know some of us have resistance to certain names like God. I suggest that the name we use to call the divine does not matter. Only that we sincerely invite the divine into our minds, hearts and lives. This morning in meditation I heard the phrase ‘praise Allah.’

According to Wikipedia, the phrase Al-Hamdu Lillah, (all praise and thanks be to Allah) means all thanks are due purely to Allah. Simply stated, we give thanks and praise to God for everything! This fits how I am choosing to live my life at this time. Thank You God!

I believe we must align ourselves with God/ love/ spirit much like we tune a radio dial to pick up certain radio stations. The main frequencies to find God are love, peace and joy. Gratitude may even be the best way to tune or unlock our minds and return to natural alignment with our soul/ spirit/ God. This is where a phrase like ‘praise Allah’ can be a great tool or simply practice gratitude until you feel a deep gratitude in your being. For more tips on gratitude, see the articles below.

The key practices for tuning are:

  • Being open and receptive. A closed mind blocks us from the good in our lives. Our mind is like a tuner that must be tuned to higher frequencies in order to allow more blessings to flow. Meditation, stillness and listening are three ways that I practice receptivity.
  • Invite God into your mind and heart. Prayer and affirmations can work. They key is sincere asking. The spoken word has more power especially when stated with deep feeling.
  • Compassion and loving kindness. I’ve been practicing loving-kindness by saying “I love you” frequently to myself. I’m noticing that I feel better and more grounded in my body as if I feel more safe.
  • Alignment with high vibrational states like peace, love and joy, Do things that make you feel good and/or connect you to something bigger. Dance is a fun way for me to raise my vibration.
  • Paying attention and honoring your inner states; thoughts, feelings and body senses. Even the challenging states have messages for us if we are willing to pay attention and look for the good. This may be the juiciest practice; to express gratitude for our challenges and look for the good in them.

Notice that some of the practices are active and some are passive. Again, I believe there is no “right way” to God, only sincere intention and actions that support your intention. If you want to learn more about listening and receptivity, read this post called Tuning into Spirit. If you’re more interested in action, here is a post on taking loving action.

Kindness and compassion can also help us align with God and our highest good. Even more important than the actions are the energetic states we create and sustain over time. Again, praise and gratitude are two of the highest states.

On a related note, here is a kindness movement that started on social media called RAKNominations. Please consider offering a random act of kindness (RAK) and then post it. I bet you will feel great and receive a free tuning! 🙂

Local entrepreneurs, Cobi and Leanda of Box Ox Moving Company, have been great examples of compassion. They’ve been offering one act of kindness each day during February as part of the Compassion Fayetteville project.

What are you doing to practice tuning to the divine? Please share what works for you in the comments below. We can all learn from each other. Thanks!


More resources on Gratitude:

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May you dance in the joy of knowing God as your very being, surging with life and love. muse brad


8 thoughts on “Tuning to the Divine

  1. I really appreciate this post. And the timing for the picture you found is awesome, B. I’ve entertained a post on the topic. Everything around us, in us, emits a frequency. Energy. In fact, I hAve planned to write on the healing energy of the earth, the ground. So much to say, but you would again compel me to produce a series of posts. Let me get through the several I have in mind first. =)

    So yes, I agree.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Diana, I appreciate your comments. I’m glad that I can serve as your writing muse. “) I look forward to seeing your new series on energy. Nature is soothing and healing for me. That’s where I first experienced the beauty and connection of life. blessings,


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