Cupid Strikes in Surprise Attack

My Funny Valentine’s Day TributeCupid Strikes in Surprise Attack

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.~ Rumi

Enjoy this rousing rendition of “My Funny Valentine” by Alice Fredenham.

Shall We Dance?

he thought he was done with romance

stale from a life too cautious to dance

neither bitter nor playful roles

leaving the dating for braver souls


curtain call, enter Cupid stage left

offering a simple gift of listening to heft

peak a boo says his heart, I feel you

here’s some compassion to mellow your blue


let’s go to the interfaith harmony day

followed by a surprisingly fun walk on a cold wintry day

he’s feeling more open and alive, with no urge to shun

returning home, he turned on the computer for fun


ready for Facebook, realm of substitute love and connection

skimming the food and family posts for mindless reflection

when suddenly Pharrell Williams fills the screen

he’s old news, already featured in last week’s awesome scene


but something whispered to follow along

so he watched Pharrell sing his happy song

next thing you know, he’s wiggling and squirming on the bed

this is more fun than “energy healing” he said


he jumps up, bopping and dancing around the room

suddenly, he’s awake, alive and ready to bloom

remembering the simple joys of music and dance

maybe even ready for the game of romance


cupid has fired and he’s been hit

mind and heart ready to flit

this song is dancing in his heart

filled with joy and playful art

Shall we dance?

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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