Awesome Stories 1.56

This week in Awesome Stories, we look at happiness, introverts, caring, net zero homes and curiosity.

The Happiness Center of Anacortes

Harvesting Happiness

Laura Lavigne loves to sprinkle happiness everywhere she goes, especially in her Washington coastal community at the Anacortes Center for Happiness, She’s had a fascinating work life, going from make-up artist to French baker to life coach to happiness enthusiast, always listening to her inner call to be authentic and keep growing. “There’s so many signs—to me, it feels like life is a bit of a treasure hunt, and there’s always the clue to the next place where you’re supposed to go…to lead from joy.” Her joy really shines through her work. Read about her fascinating journey and how she has touched so many lives. Image source: The DailyGood.

Introverts Rock

Most introverts do their best work alone, in solitude. As an introvert myself, I enjoy the interaction and stimulation of parties, but often feel drained afterwards. However, when I sit on my porch, relax at home or go to the woods, I feel recharged and more alive. Unfortunately, society, at least in the US,  is oriented more for extroverts to the point that our schools, offices and culture laud extroverts and their behaviors more than those of introverts. Learn more about the Power of Introverts in this enlightening TED Talk by Susan Cain.

Net Zero Milestone

net zero building

image source: SmithGroup JJR

The University of Illinois is planning to build the largest net zero building in the world. If they achieve their goal, it will be a huge milestone for sustainable building. Most net zero buildings are homes or modest sized buildings (10,000 to 20,000 sq.ft.). The UI Electrical and Computer Engineering building is designed for 230,000 square feet. Their ambitious plan utilizes water beams to cool and recover heat, very efficient materials and a massive PV solar array. To learn more about their plans, read this earthtechling article.

Caring Connections

 The challenge is not, how do we pull back? but, how do we remake our human-made systems to  align positively with what we know creates sustainable and resilient communities? ~ Frances Moore Lappe 

This perspective speaks to my heart. I believe that continued growth for humans is possible only if we align with nature to create more holistic ways of living on this wonderful planet. Frances Moore founded the Center for Ecoliteracy as a way to educate children to be better stewards of our planet. She believes the solutions lie in acting from new perspectives that acknowledge our connection, continuos change and co-creation with nature. I also like her premise of mutual accountability rather than blame. I’m often struck by how much blame, attack and polarizing there is in our current systems of business, government and culture. We are all in this together and we need to come together as one big family to solve the world’s challenges.

Cultivating CuriosityPeyton Robertson

Peyton has a passion for learning how things work and helping solve problems. His curiosity has led him to 3 pending patents, numerous projects and winning the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge as the youngest winner ever. He also created retractable training wheels to help his sisters learn to ride their bikes. Now, bike companies want to buy his idea. He won the contest with an idea for better sandbags to help with flooding during hurricanes, and now he’s working on reducing citrus canker to help local fruit growers. Image source; TED Blog.


Let the happiness bubble up with Pharrell Williams in this fun video. I bet you’ll smile or even dance along like I do!

What’s good in your life? I’d love to hear what’s working in your life. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 1.56

  1. This is a wonderfully inspiring post. I love “She’s had a fascinating work life, going from make-up artist to French baker to life coach to happiness enthusiast, always listening to her inner call to be authentic and keep growing” Happiness Enthusiast, that sounds like a solid life purpose. Also very interesting perspective about the world leans more toward extroverts…so true, without realisation. Brilliant post, thank you.xx


  2. I’m delighted that you enjoyed my post and word smithing about Laura. She’s a fascinating person. I wish I could hear and follow my inner call as she does! I’m definitely an introvert and noticing it more as I age. Thanks for your enthusiasm and support. Cyber Hugs, Brad


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