Awesome Stories 1.55

This week Awesome Stories brings you special connections with nature, compassion, teaching relationships, simple solar and love in action.

Special Relationships

relationships with animals

This story about Steve Karlin and a bear named Susie really captivated my attention. In fact, I would love to go visit this unique sanctuary for animals, called Wildlife Associates, that Steve created over 30 years ago in the San Francisco area. To me, his approach with the animals is profound. They offer programs to over 300,000 children each year, often helping at-risk kids find a new way to connect with nature. I hope this amazing story of Steve’s relationship with Susie Bear touches you as much as it did me. Do you think we can learn from animals and nature in general?

Image of Susie Bear from Wildlife Associates.

Haiti Heals with New Hospital

Haiti now has one of the largest solar powered hospitals in the world. Their new Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais has exceeded all expectations for energy production, modern facilities and equipment. Since opening in March of 2013, it has produced enough energy from it’s solar panels to cover all the hospital’s energy needs and even have excess to sell back to the grid! The hospital is both a medical teaching hospital and model to other countries who might want to provide decentralized services off the grid. The $2.2 million solar system will pay for itself in about 6 years. Fantastic!

Cultivating Compassion

Boy, do I need this lesson! I’m wanting to make better decisions for 2014. First I need to develop more compassion for myself and all the mistakes that I’ve made. Then I’m intending to develop better decision making skills that are based in love, peace and clear vision. I have a tendency to make rash impulsive decisions or long drawn out decisions. This article explains the science and mindful practices that help cultivate compassion. Who’s going to join me in cultivating compassion for 2014?

Teaching Relationships

This is a very inspiring TED talk about the power of relationship to touch and help kids learn. Watch and learn!

Simple Solar

This is the simplest and clever uses of solar energy that I’ve ever seen. Aaron Brown, a professor at  Metropolitan State University of Denver has created a very simple way to use solar energy to heat homes. He is helping local residents in Denver add solar furnaces to their homes that cost about $30. They are made of aluminum cans, glued together, put in a frame and covered with plastic. Amazingly they can save their $30 cost each month for a season of heating. Better ones can be built for about $100 that last 3 to 4 years. Aaron and Revision International are planning to train residents to make their own. Wonderful!

Transformative Organizing

There is a growing movement to transform the way domestic workers are treated; helping them earn the wages, respect and dignity that they deserve. This is a nice article about Elizabeth Flores and her labor of love. By joining together, they have helped transform the culture for how domestic workers are treated. They work to shift the structures of society, directly address exploitation and abuse, all without demonizing those who are responsible. This approach creates a more positive atmosphere for change.  The great news is that Jerry Brown, governor of California, recently signed a new bill called California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

Love in Action

This is an awesome story about a group of kids who rallied around Danny to stop the teasing he was receiving. A wonderful testament to the power of kindness and love. Watch and weep!

What’s inspiring you lately? What kind of stories do you most enjoy? I’d love to hear your feedback. Thanks!


8 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 1.55

  1. Hi Brad,
    Thanks for sharing these stories. I really enjoyed reading Cultivating Compassion and Special Relationships. It is amazing how animals and birds respond to human love and care!
    It is heartening to see that children can understand these values of love and deal with teasing on their own! Now that is what I call really awesome!!
    Thanks Brad! Have a great weekend!


  2. Hi Balroop. Yes,it is amazing how animals and humans interact and respond to love. Lot’s of pet owners know this, but I’m more intrigued by interacting with wild animals. Yes, the story about Danny really touched my heart. You have a wonderful weekend too. Cyber hugs!


  3. To your above comment, your posts never come up in my reader. What’s up with that? 😦 I love the focus, the intention, the premise, the essence of each of your linked articles. I clicked on the bear story and so very much wanted to read it in its entirety; then I saw its length. Similarly with the compassion article. I know where your heart is, Brad, and where your messaging is coming from. And I admire/applaud both. If I ever choose to cut back on what consumes my time, I’ll have the luxury of reading more people’s posts – and properly reflecting on them. Alas… it’s skimming the substantive ones for now. 😦


    • Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments and continued reading of my blog. I’m glad I make the cut, for now! 🙂 I don’t know why my blog wouldn’t come up in your reader. You’re subscribed via email, correct? No worries on whether you read all the links, that’s part of the reason I do the compilation. People can dive into what calls them. Thanks again for your support Eric.


  4. Hi Brad! HH=huge like for your interesting and impressive post… glad to have come across your awesome blog, tons of inspiration and my very best… have a positive and optimistic day! 🙂 cheers, Mélanie


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