Surrender to Love

How can we surrender to love/ life/ spirit?

Surrender to Love

Always say “yes” to the present moment. What could be more futile, more insane, than to create inner resistance to what already is? what could be more insane than to oppose life itself, which is now and always now? Surrender to what is. Say “yes” to life — and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you. ~ Eckhart Tolle

If you’re anything like me, you may want to be more spiritual, be connected and do good things in the world. But far too often, I try to force my will on life, when it clearly is asking me to go a different way. Maybe the reason I don’t seem to find lasting comfort or a clear path is that I’m too bound to my will. I’ve recently found this material from Matt Kahn that speaks clearly to my heart.

I’ve already acknowledged some areas of my life that “I can’t do” like investing and work path. My plan is to see if I can allow spirit to flow more freely in my life. How about you? Are you ready to flow with life?

This is maybe one of the simplest and best explanations of the spiritual path that I’ve heard. My resistance to surrender could explain why I don’t feel on track with my life. I’ve been dancing with spirit for over 25 years, but seldom do I truly surrender to divine will. That’s not to say that I’ve never experienced grace or flow or a sense of ease with my choices, but seldom have I lived with that sense over an extended period of time. In fact, here are 7 tips for flowing with life. Maybe I need to revisit my list! Shall we practice together?

My current focus is going to be how can I surrender more to love and flow with life. I’m going to practice surrendering my personal will over and over until I align with the divine, and can finally live in oneness with love and life as I have wanted for all these years.

What works for you?

If any of you have the experience of routinely living from a place of oneness with spirit, I would love to hear your experiences and what works for you. Thanks.

Blessings, Brad


14 thoughts on “Surrender to Love

  1. Is it really so judgmental to simply want to be a more compassionate, kind, and loving human? Can we accept ourselves and still want to improve ourselves? It seems inertia would set in quickly if we didn’t gently discern our thoughts and words and behaviors, and then set out on our intentions to change, to grow. Emotions like regret help us to learn, make amends, change, and move on. I am certainly not an advocate of thinking and speaking and behaving in ways that are not genuine to who we are, but I really hope that purposeful practice helps us to become more compassionate, kind, and loving. What do you think? You’ve given me some interesting ideas to think on.


    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I think I agree with you. Does your question about compassion being judgmental relate to something Matt said in the video? Or is compassion a big part of how you align with spirit to live in oneness/ flow? Care to expand on this?

      I believe compassion is a wonderful gift we give to both others and ourselves. In fact, it’s one of my top focuses for this year to offer more self compassion. I’m noticing how judgmental my inner talk is and would like to extend much more kindness and compassion to myself. I agree that emotions offer us feedback to help us be more aware and either alter course or make inner shifts. I think Matt is saying that noticing, accepting and loving all of our feelings and experiences helps us be more loving. What do you think? Brad


      • Yes, as I watched the video clip, I felt that in wanting to be in ways other than how I am now, I am probably being judgmental. But I think I really want to be discerning about my own behaviors, and I want to improve them consciously. Compassion, to me, is all about connection. When I am compassionate, I feel I am better able to accept what truly is and who others are. Compassion brings about kindness and love. I feel it is the basis on our human connection. What do you think?


      • I agree with you about compassion being a way of connecting, accepting and understanding others and ourselves. Whether noticing behaviors we want to change is judgmental or simply discerning is hard to say. Acceptance seems to be the first step. I’m not living like Matt is pure acceptance and love, but I can see glimpses of letting everything be OK as it is. thanks for your thoughtful replies.


  2. Brad, as one who has traveled a not dissimilar path for many years, I know (and you seem to acknowledge) that the key is complete surrender and unconditional belief. Being in spirit and having your own unique connection with your Creator is actually, quite a simple release. Resisting and allowing your will to prevail aids the cause not. 🙂


    • Thanks Camelia. As I mentioned in my post, surrender is very hard and mysterious for me. Does that mean we stop having goals, directions, etc? I read Eckhart’s book about 10 years ago and it impacted me too, but maybe it’s time to revisit. Truthfully, I just haven’t found a lasting sense of peace or path in my life and that is a big frustration. My statements seem to be all about me and self, so maybe I just demonstrated your point! Who is the blogger you mentioned? I’d like to see their site. Thanks for caring. I appreciate your comments.


      • In this era of distraction, I think it’s hard to stay focused. We all fight the same battles and I find it wonderful to feel connected to other people, simply by sharing our personal issues, inner beauty and love.
        Always seeking for deep knowledge, only our hearts can surrender. We need goals and directions. I see it like Maslow sees it. Once the basic needs at the bottom of the pyramid are achieved, one can thrive through creativity, morality, etc. Harmony is like floating on water, trusting the Universe and accepting its challenges.
        The lovely blogger is A leaf in Springtime.
        Take care,


  3. Thanks Camelia. Yes, I miss spending time with friends and men in groups to share from the heart. That is a great way for me to feel connected, to realize we do share similar struggles and aspirations. I love your definition of harmony as trusting to float on the water of life. I’ll work on it or just relax and allow! 🙂 I follow Sharon’s lovely blog and really like her perspective and pics. blessings, Brad


    • Sounds wonderful; a life of love, kindness and trust, with a dose of patience. Keep that vision to guide you and I bet you’ll have a beautiful journey. I’m glad you like the blog. Thanks for visiting and commenting. blessings, Brad


  4. I must admit I enjoyed the video but not as much as reading your posts:) I learned the very hard way in life about compassion, acceptance and understanding but they had to come with courage, persistence, fearlessness and unconditional love. It was years later that I reflected on the cruelness of life that I realised, that from that, I became the best me I could ever be and that in my nightmare, I was never alone, I simply could not have been to get through it all. It was then that I started working extremely hard on aligning myself with the divine spirit, and I practice this every day, and live in a constant state of gratitude. You simply don’t know and must stay opened to life. Thanks Brad, your blog is wonderfully inspiring:) xxx


  5. Thanks for your thoughtful and kind response. I’m delighted that you find inspiration in my posts and enjoy my writing. Congrats on living in conscious connection to spirit. Sounds like you have had an interesting journey. The connection is more on and off for me, but I have a renewed commitment to make it a daily priority as you do. I’ve found gratitude to be very helpful too. Blessings, Brad


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