Awesome Stories 1.52

This week in Awesome Stories we look at kindness, creative landscaping, cooperation, waking up and dance.

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. – Charles H. Spurgeon 

Kindness Returnedkindness spreads

This is a nice story about Hussein, a barber who cares for stray cats in a country where that is culturally discouraged. No matter to Hussein, who continues to care for all the stray cats despite barely making a living. He was about to lose his barber shop when the rent increased, and the landlord asked him to leave. Thankfully, there is a happy ending. Read how Manuela and the neighbors helped save Hussein’s shop.

Alexa Meade

Alexa Meade paints in a unique way. She reverses the classic role of interpreting our three dimensional world in two dimensions. Instead, she takes real life and paints it to appear two dimensional. I admire her choices to follow her passion for painting and do it in a very unique and creative manner. Watch this fun video of Alexa as she paints her way to joy!

Creative Landscapes

Here’s another project that spoke to my heart. I’m delighted to learn that many architects and projects around the world take on the modern challenge of what to do with abandoned plants, brown fields and other toxic landscapes. How wonderful to find creative ways to adapt and re-create them for public enjoyment, while cleaning up the environment. Explore these 10 creative landscape projects from around the world.

Community Cooperation

Jeanette Armstrong writes about cooperation from a more holistic perspective that she’s developed from studying the wisdom of her Okanagan tribe. They have a special word, Eníowkin, and process for creating cooperation and solutions that work for all, not simply the majority or powerful. What I found most interesting was the process they use to discuss something. The first step is to encourage diverse ideas and opinions, along with the backdrop that all ideas are within a framework of community and the good of all. This would be a great way to run our companies and government in my opinion. What do you think?

Wake Up

A recent UN report titled “Wake Up Before It’s Too Late” highlights the need for smaller, sustainable farming and food systems. I’m surprised at the directness, but totally agree with the conclusion. Large scale farming, with it’s heavy reliance on chemicals, machines and oil is not sustainable. The best way to feed the world is with small scale, regenerative food systems. Go organic and regional.

Dance the Night Away

Street dancer Alonzo Jones, aka Turf, wowed the judges at America’s Got Talent and is moving ahead. Dance on Turf!

Meditative Dance

Phillip Askew and Lydia Walker mesmerized me with their graceful routine. OK, the piano accompaniment was great too. I’m guessing it’s yoga inspired by the title “Variations on Sun Salutations.” Regardless, their beauty and grace are captivating. I sat in rapt stillness watching and wondering why I didn’t pursue more dancing in my life. Yes, dancing is another secret passion of mine!

What’s great in your life? Feed those passions and dance on to greatness!


2 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 1.52

  1. Hussein will receive his favorable due. And good on Manuela. She, too, will be rewarded.

    Enjoyed reading about the various creative landscape projects. Unfortunately, the accompanying photos didn’t download for me. 😦

    The approach/processes advocated in the Community Cooperation piece are not dissimilar to some oft-practiced facilitation styles/techniques. Playing to and encouraging participants strengths is important and can measurably augment outcomes!

    Attempted to download the UN Report “Wake Up” (a .pdf file) and it wouldn’t download either (even after waiting a while, given the file size). Read the accompanying article and believe the authors have valid and achievable points. And while a noble goal, I sense an uphill challenge for the concepts/strategies as large scale agriculture is deeply embedded with big business and government subsidy. Sad!

    As always, thought-provoking topics, Herr Volz!


  2. Thanks Eric, I appreciate your thorough investigation. Sorry about the pics, I’m having the same trouble now, though they worked initially! I’m pleased to hear that other groups are using processes like the Community Cooperation. Even in a consensus-building group. my sense was one of resisting dissenting voices and wanting everyone to come on-board. Yes, large scale ag will be hard to change just like big oil, but progress is being made with both. 🙂


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