Awesome Stories 1.51

This week Awesome Stories offers you peace, wisdom, resiliency and happiness.

Awesome CommunityLILAC eco community UK

The LILAC community in Bramley, West Leeds is the UK’s first affordable, low energy use co-housing project. I’ve always liked cohousing for the blend of individual and community spaces and values. They designed and built the units using modular straw bale walls to be super insulating. This dramatically reduces costs and energy use, while increasing insulation and noise buffering. So far, residents are saving about 90% on energy bills!

Enjoy the Ride

This is a beautiful slide show, reminding us to live life as a journey to enjoy, rather than a race. There are many great pics, tips and lessons for life. I like the idea to go to bed with “Thank you … and today I accomplished…”  Enjoy the ride!

The King Passes

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall ~ Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela’s passing has created a wave of interest in his inspiring story, courage and wisdom. I admire his shining example of what it means to live a life of service. Here is a nice post highlighting his life and wisdom. May his legacy of peace and freedom continue to shine.

Solar Get’s a Backup Plan

Solar panels are being combined with large battery units and software to create smart energy systems for home and business. SolarCity, a solar panel maker and installer, is partnering with Tesla Motors, and it’s batteries. These systems will not only be able to store energy created by the solar panels, but decide the best time to use the energy, factoring things like supply, demand and peak utility rates. The best part is they offer financing plans that allow installation without capital outlay. Triple win: environment, buyer and seller!

Happiest Penguin Ever!

Humility and Resiliency

Andrew Zolli gives a thoughtful interview on macro trends and how we might need to get better at adapting. In fact, he suggests that we might need to accept that we can’t solve all problems, whether personally or globally. Instead, there is a shift toward humility and building systems adaptable to change, failure and challenge. This way, even if some parts of the system fail, the overall systems continue and adapt with resiliency, creativity, backups, cooperation and social support.

Earthship Bounty

As I’ve mentioned before, I love the look and feel of earth sheltered homes, especially when they’re finished with a natural material like clay or cob on the outside. The ones I’ve visited were amazingly comfortable. I like how they maintain a fairly uniform temperature without much HVAC needed. Read this post on 10 ways that earthships are awesome homes.

Holiday Peace

Sandra Pawula offers a simple way to reduce stress and find more peace for the holidays. Her main suggestion is to take 5″, three times a day, to sit still and be quiet to start changing your body’s biochemistry and response to stress. Her suggestions are basically a simpler, more practical approach to meditation. Give it a try next time your feeling stressed.

I hope you take the time to feel peace and count your blessings as we wind down 2013 and prepare for a new year filled with possibility. Of course each day and moment is an opportunity to begin anew, but New Years’ goals and resolutions are a nice way to anchor our intentions.

Wishing you a year filled with blessings for 2014. Happy New Year!


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