Awesome Stories 1.50

Celebrating 50 weeks of Awesome Stories!

This was a milestone week. I passed 200 posts, 50 weeks of Awesome Stories and 1000 likes! Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing my stories. I appreciate you all. 1000 likes on my blog

I’d like to grow this series for 2014, depending on your feedback. It would help me to know if you enjoy these compilation style posts, what kinds of stories you most enjoy, and whether you have stories for me to share. I’d love to get your comments and feedback, or contact me. Thanks!

Soul Food

Ray Hare painting

Let’s start the week with an art tour to feed your muse. If you’re anything like me, beauty and art feed both my creativity and my soul. This includes both creating and viewing art. I enjoy almost any art, especially nature scenes, paintings, photography, sculpture, music and dance. Photography was my first artistic pursuit. Having the blog has been a great motivator to break out my camera, go looking for beauty, and then share photos with you. Here are 27 works of art that might amaze or surprise you. Their detail and creativity are amazing, especially with the surprise you’ll find. Feed your soul with creativity. Ray Hare image via Buzz Feed.

Solar Shines

Solar energy continues to shine as the planning, building and deployment of renewable energy continues to grow and expand in importance. Solar panel capacity grew by a whopping 83% from 2011 to 2012. Renewables were also 56% of the new added energy capacity in the United States for 2012. It was only 2% in 2004. Now that’s good news for the environment, economy and living in harmony with the planet.

Growing Minds

Speaking of love, a local architecture firm won AIA design awards for their creative approach to building a library as a modern learning center rooted in nature and what kids want. The architects responded to the children’s desire for learning about nature and food in comfortable, well lit spaces. Our library in Fayetteville has won awards and attention for its bold design and LEED standards, but I actually prefer this library, CALS Children’s Library, in Little Rock, Arkansas. Which do you prefer?

Global Soap Project

Meet Derrick Kayonga, a former Kenyan refugee, with his mission to bring soap and good hygiene to the poorest people of Africa. He had a clear and inspiring idea on how to repurpose the tons of wasted soap from the US hotel industry. Watch his inspiring story and video about Derrick and The Global Soap Project.

Love Everybody!

‘Give a Little Bit’ is the theme song for this fun video. The video caught surprising positive acts on security cameras. Let’s share the love with random acts of kindness and silliness!

Winds of Change

This new approach to wind energy could dramatically change the wind industry. SheerWind’s INVELOX technology provides greater power output with reduced costs. Their systems can produce energy from wind speeds as low as 2 mph, at about .02/kwt, with less cost to both build and maintain, while eliminating many of the downsides like harm to birds. Blow baby blow!

Pictures to Make Your Day

This photo collection on Buzzfeed highlights people offering random kindness to others. They remind me of the joy I find in helping others. Viewing the pictures and stories brought a wonderful mix of smiles, tears and warm fuzzy feelings. I hope they put a smile on your face too!

Farewell Mandela

Here is a beautiful tribute to Nelson Mandela sung by the Soweto Gospel Choir at Woolworths South Africa store. I love acapella singing. Nelson Mandela, may your example continue to shine and inspire.

OK, it’s your turn. I’m in the process of evaluating the direction to take for my blog in 2014, including a possible name change since the ‘Writing to Freedom’ domain isn’t available. I think it’s time to have a domain without the ‘’ My purpose will continue to be to connect, inspire and help you thrive.

What kind of stories inspire you?  How can I best serve you in 2014? Name suggestions? I’d appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 1.50

  1. Hi Brad,

    I was attracted to your blog because it says:’Writing to Freedom’…wont like the change!
    Stories of human interest, value based, spirituality with feet planted firmly on ground….seem interesting.
    While I liked 27 works of art, I found Solar Shining link quite boring!
    I hope to explore the other links too.
    Wishing you Happy Holidays and greater success in 2014.


    • Thanks for your honest and clear feedback Balroop! I like your suggestions and they fit my preference to find stories that stir the soul and imagination. I love the grounded spirituality target, and yes, the solar story and many environmental stories seem to fall flat. Interesting to me because that is one of my strongest passions to protect and live gently on Mother Earth. How do we make that interesting and important before we pollute and consume ourselves off the planet? I don’t like pandering the fear. Something to ponder.

      Happy Holidays to you!


  2. Easy answer here, at least for me. I’m lured by stories with emotional tugs so the Buzzfeed photos won this post, this time.

    To your lead question, Brad, I enjoy and appreciate the abundance of information and stories that you share. All are substantive! Personally though, I wish I had the discretionary time to read and then reflect (meaningfully) on each of them. Alas, I don’t. As a consideration going forward, you might want to share fewer articles/links with each post and perhaps, add more personal background/anecdotes as to why the piece is important to you.

    And to close, I find your blog name/title (along with its sub-heading) quite descriptive. Would be interested in learning a bit more about why your feel it needs to be aligned with a like domain. Are you looking to evolve this blog into more of a multi-faceted website? Curious minds…


  3. Thanks for the great feedback Eric, I like your idea to include less articles with a little more personal reflection. I like my blog title, but that domain isn’t available. I’m wanting a site name that is easier to market, watermark my photos, and share with people. I think seems rather cumbersome and not as professional. Yes, at some point I want to expand, maybe even sell services or products, so I want a name that would ‘hold’ all that, be easy to share, memorable and catchy. Thanks again for your continued support, feedback and connection.


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