Santa Comes to Fayetteville

Yes, Santa really does exist, at least here in Fayetteville Arkansas.

Penquin Ed

Santa Ed Telling Stories!

In our town, he arrived early to serve up some delicious Kansas City style smoked BBQ with a huge side of kindness. Ed of Penguin Ed’s, was very kind to our local blogging group, Northwest Arkansas Bloggers.

He not only donated the entire spread of BBQ, ribs, baked beans, cole slaw, home fries and homemade cookies, but he also spent time regaling us with his stories. When you listen to Ed, you hear a deep passion for service, BBQ, connecting with people and Penguins.

For those of you who haven’t been to Penguin Ed’s, do yourself a favor and go enjoy some wonderful smoked BBQ. And if BBQ isn’t your thing, don’t worry, they have soups, salads, sandwiches (including a yummy portabella mushroom burger) and even breakfast foods. So no matter when or what you’re craving, head on over to Penguin Ed’s for a serving of kindness.

Our group was enthralled by Ed’s stories about starting up 22 years ago on the corner of Mission and Crossover, serving BBQ from a smoker in the hardware store parking lot. That is, until a sub chain chased him off. Ed bounced around that corner until finding his permanent home at 2773 E Mission Blvd. Since then, he’s added 2 more Fayetteville locations, one downtown and one on the west side.

What’s clear is Ed’s passion for service, BBQ and making people smile. He talks of wanting everyone who comes to like him. Most do, especially those lucky enough to meet him and spend time with this kind and generous man.

BBQ at Penguin Ed's

Food time with Rhonda, Amy, Eileen, Terra, Paige and Jacqueline

People come for the BBQ, or maybe the dazzling array of Penguins, but they come back for the friendly service. The servers were incredibly attentive, especially when you realize that we weren’t paying, but we did show our appreciation with a nice tip. Thanks for the great service!

I hope Santa comes early to your town and warms your heart like he did mine! 🙂 Thanks Ed, you certainly understand the meaning of Christmas and giving.

P.S. No, my blog isn’t becoming a review site. I felt inspired to spread the love and thank Ed for his incredible generosity.

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