Simply Be

More and more, I feel the most profound experience we can have is to simply be.Being, grace, connection

Yes, we are here in bodies to create, love, touch and connect. And underneath these needs and desires, I believe we yearn for the profound connection of simply being.

When I think of my nephew and nieces, I want to help them, play with them, and get to know them better. And under those motivations, I find what I most want is to connect deeply, heart to heart with them. Fortunately, they, like most young children, are still vibrantly alive and present, being themselves  moment to moment.

This beingness is our essence and source, the emptiness before creation, and the stillpoint of life. Connection with source is the goal of most meditation. In this place of being, we experience the peace of mind that is God/ source.

Some of my most profound experiences have been very simple, yet deeply impactful. Examples are watching sunsets where I was in such a state of bliss that I almost ceased to be a mind/body separation, feeling myself as a joyful extension of nature, reflecting back the beauty and joy of the moment. During these moments, I lost my sense of self, and merge completely with the moment. I’ve experienced this union with dancing, playing, photographing and even conversation.Simply Be, inner focus

A special example of being happened at a trade show when a woman came to our booth. We looked at each other, smiled, smiled more, moved toward each other and connected with the most profound hug that I’ve ever experienced. My mind, body and soul merged with her as my body lit up with tingles from head to toe. We had never met before, yet connected in a profound way that carried us into friendship for many years. And, we never again connected in person.

We continued to call and write each other for several years. While on the phone, often with pauses for silence,  I again entered a state of union and grace, enjoying the moment of being one with another. I’ve come close to this feeling with other friends when we relaxed into a state of simply being with each other, resting in togetherness and the moment.

When I was growing up back east as a typical city boy rushing to fame and fortune, I absolutely could not understand why someone would sit on a porch and DO nothing! Now, sometimes I don’t understand why everyone is in such a rush to go somewhere, climb that mountain, build that company, etc, etc. I’m slightly exaggerating, but not much. I think most of us are overly focused on doing in our lives. I’ve come to appreciate and enjoy the simple act of sitting on a porch or patio. And occasionally, I’ll settle into a oneness with life that requires nothing other than my presence.Simply Be vista

I can’t help but believe the world would be a profoundly different place if we put more time and energy into being, relaxing, playing and simply connecting heart to heart with the people and world around us.

Give it a try. Spend some time this week to simply be with yourself, a friend, partner or nature.

Let me know if you touch the core of oneness that waits for all of us hiding in plain sight as the present moment.

Wishing you deep Peace, Brad


17 thoughts on “Simply Be

  1. I’ve often said and believe, if you can’t enjoy spending time with yourself, why would anyone else want to share in and with you. Love yourself first and the love and peace of others will follow. Encouraging and inspiring, Brad!


  2. Hi Eric, You put it so clearly, start with love. And I feel stillness/ connecting to source is a little different, maybe the well to fill up so we can be and give love. Thanks for your continued support and feedback.


  3. Beautiful thoughts, Brad. You touch on truths and joys I have reflected on, even recently, watching my boy just BE. (Emotionally healthy) Children don’t worry about self-image, next week’s plans, the hundred pounds we shoulder in cares we would do best to lay down. Yes, they also don’t pay the bills. But it is with good reason Jesus said the Kingdom belongs to such as these. The BEING is just so hard to manage in this postmodern age (again, esp for mothers). But it’s really a condition of the heart even more than literal stillness. You bring this to mind as I write. One of my first poems:


  4. You are most welcome Sharon. I love your phrasing “each line a gentle embrace to return.” I aspire to live and write from that sacred place, especially in my attempts to write poetry like Rumi. How do we describe in words that which is beyond words? Lay down, touch the sky and be! blessings, Brad


  5. Hey Brad…that is such a timely post. I’ve been feeling like I’m on the gerbil wheel for a long time. Last weekend I took 3 days and went with a friend to beach house getaway. It was so relaxing and really recharged me. I like the idea of the rocking chair on the porch, too!


  6. Hi Brad, love this post….seems to emerge from your heart and is reaching straight into mine! Beautiful thoughts, just like nature! Sunsets allure me too, I can spend all my leisure time watching the mesmerising, snow covered peaks and the waterfalls.

    This post also brought into my mind those lines of a poet who said:
    “what is this life if full of care
    we have no time to stand and stare!”
    Thank you!


    • Thank you Balroop, Your kind words touch my heart and were a perfect boost for my morning! I would love to be able to touch more people’s heart with every post. I’m glad we shared the connection. Nature also deeply touches and nourishes me. To nature, time to stare, and beautiful heart connections. Thanks! Brad


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