Indecision Kills

Admittedly a dramatic view, but I’ve experienced the destructive power of indecision.

inertia, choice, action

More times than I can to admit, I have experienced disastrous results by not making a decision. Indecsion, often based in fear and over analysis, bogs me down until I get in a place of inertia. Then it is even harder to make a decision and take action. Therefore, I would humbly submit that indecision kills. It can kill our dreams, our relationships, our finances and our health. If we aren’t currently aligned with our dreams and goals, and elect to continue in our current direction, then we are setting the stage for disaster.

For example, several times, my investments have gone downhill in a big way. By not taking timely action to get out with manageable losses, I now have huge losses that have erased years and years of working, saving  and investing. My savings are virtually gone due to inertia. Then, I finally sold my stocks at what turned out to be the low point. Now my inertia, and fear of making more mistakes, is keeping me on the sidelines, watching but not taking action. So I’m experiencing losses again. This time from lost opportunity to grow and rebuild my savings, by not being invested.

Inertia and indecision are related to lack of focus and motivation. If we don’t have clear goals, then it is hard to know the best action to take. Much like in the picture above, lack of focus, blurs our view of life. With clear goals, our choices become more clear, often one step at a time. Our motivation comes from our why (our passions, values and purpose). When we have a good reason why, it can motivate us to take action.

Inertia is a powerful force. We tend to continue in the direction we are currently heading. It can take more effort, focus and conscious choice to change the direction of our lives. Not easy, but very important if we want to achieve our dreams and goals. Not taking action can drain our energy like a slow leak, losing mental focus and emotional health, while we allow ourselves to drift along.

Here’s a guest post I wrote on the power of choice and action together. It explores the synergy of mind, body and emotion (as goals, action and positive feelings) to help reach our dreams and goals. 

Here are 3 simple steps to beating indecision.

  1. Create a clear, measurable goal
  2. Make a choice, decision or commitment
  3. Take action

It’s time for more action in my life. How about you?

8 thoughts on “Indecision Kills

  1. Brad,

    This is an awesome article.  Very well written and motivating.  Two thumbs up!   Regards,   Mary E. Minton President, GCubed Marketing.        


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