Awesome Stories 1.34

Thriving is my overall goal in life.

Writing, photography and play are 3 key elements in that plan. What are you doing to reach your dreams and goals? Here are 9 Tips for Thriving. Maybe I need to add play! Meanwhile, read this week’s Awesome Stories for inspiration on living fully.

Thoughts from Within Poem

Watch this poignant poem set to video by Woody Harrelson. It’s powerful and thought provoking. I dislike how strongly corporations influence our lives, but can we change without a rebellion? Maybe we can scale back on consumerism and corporate sponsorships. What do you think?


Milan Řídký designed SayBoat, photo source:

Floating Houses!

Apparently there is a whole floating house movement due to concerns with rising water levels. This is a great idea for people with houses on coastal or marshy areas with rising water levels. The Bouyant Foundation Project helps people adapt their homes to rising water conditions. Their mission is “to support the restoration of both the physical and the social structures of pre-Katrina New Orleans neighborhoods.”  I love the creativity and fact that this solution costs less and is more adaptable. Though, from a bigger picture, we might consider giving up our predilection to live in coastal areas and hurricane paths!

39 Ways to Live Fully

Here’s a great post by Leo Babauta on how to live more fully. He gives us 39 suggestions for ways to go beyond surviving and start living more fully. Of course, the most important is to love and grow. Here are 14 Tips for health and well being.  Communing with my spiritual source is my most important tool for thriving. What’s your most important one?

India Growing with Wind

India’s wind generated power has now reached price parity with coal sourced power according to the latest study by HSBC. This will help with India’s large demand for energy with a growing population and frequent power grid failures. Wind and solar power are particularly attractive in India due to their lower water consumption than coal, nuclear or gas generated power, combined with India’s water scarcity. The report shows that solar will reach price parity by as early as 2016. Go Renewables!

Some Old Fashioned Medicine!

Play and Laugh with these women. Guaranteed laughs, endorphin boost and good times!


Music Wall! Source: Inthralld

Be Happy Now, Not Later!

The Happsters had a great post on simple reasons to be happy now. Here is my favorite. A musical wall that makes music when it rains. What a delight!

Back in the US, Palo Alto Leads with Renewables

Palo Alto has recently voted to supply all the city’s energy from renewable energy. Besides being great for the planet, the switch is surprisingly affordable. They estimate the cost to be only $3 more per year per family to use all renewables. The mayor and city leaders hope to inspire more cities to switch to renewable energy.

Free Health Care that Saves Money!

Montana has a free health clinic for state employees in Helena MT. So far, they have seen more patients than expected, caught diseases early, encouraged people to visit who haven’t for a while. And still managed to save the state money because the services are contracted and run at cost, not profit like most clinics. The net result is saving the state about 1.5 Million dollars in the first year! Now they plan to open more free clinics around the state. Maybe other states will follow suit or maybe we could make a national health care plan based on this model. What do you think?

4 Simple Tips to Be Happy Right Now

Most of us live for when and ifs. We’ll be happy when we find the right partner, get that job or earn more money. But that is a dangerous trap, putting off our happiness for some future time and condition. The key to a satisfying life is to learn to be happy right here and now. Read this post for 4 simple tips to be happy right now. 

May you thrive and live in ways that create your own Awesome Stories!


6 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 1.34

  1. This post is full of fabulous stuff. Thanks so much for the doing the research and publishing some positively focused news. I particularly liked the Musical Rain Gutter Funnel Wall. I’m breathing freely, engaging all my senses, smiling and expressing gratitude – no wonder I’m happy. 🙂


  2. We continue to think and share with others, similar thoughts. My poignant take aways from this post: Thriving and The Musical Wall. Both are appreciated. I just returned from a week with family and some of the time was intentional playing with nieces and nephews. I know one of my sisters looked at me as if I’d lost my maturity. To which I laughed and carried on, much to the delight of my teen aged co-conspirators. Good post!


  3. It’s nice to be in synch with you. Thriving seems to be my watchword lately and I love that musical wall. It’s great to see creativity expressed in such fun ways. I’m glad that you could play freely with your nephews and nieces. Thanks for sharing Eric.


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