Once I Was a Meadow

Meadows and other childhood delights

meadows by flatirons

Children seem to have a natural affinity for nature, exploring inner and outer realms while playing in fields, yards and meadows. This article explores the poetic ways that children experience nature in more connected, undifferentiated ways. My muse was inspired to revisit those playful days as a child laying in a grassy meadow and floating away with nature.

Let your imagination run away with your inner child to play in new worlds.

Once I was a meadow

then I flew away on the wind

Soaring high on magpie wings

dancing and singing with delight

In circles of love we fly

returning again each night

The granite boulders wait patiently by

peaceful in their lofty grace

Seasons come and go

flowers bloom and smile on my face

Distant peaks watch over the flow

waiting, watching, barely moving

Oh how we’d like to fly, but

Once I was a meadow

Imagination, Clouds of Joy

May your imagination soar on clouds of joy. muse brad


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