A Word a Week Photography Challenge- Foreshadow

Once in a while, I like to dig out the portfolio and share some beauty with you. I hope you enjoy my versions of this week’s photo challenge from A Word in Your Ear.


photo challenge

What a delightful word whispering of things to come, much like my muse. My muse often whispers words of encouragement, wisdom or nudges to get off the pot and take some action! What is your life foreshadowing? Are you headed to greatness, simple peace or a giant crash from living the game of ego, chasing after false idols?

Your life situation tells you all you need to know about the state of your inner mind set and foreshadows the likely direction of your future. Gratefully, we are empowered with choice. We are always free to make new choices and turn the direction of our lives. My life foreshadows growing peace, trust and flow as I learn to let go of past wounds, healed with time, acceptance, and consistently planting new seeds in the garden of my life.

For many years, I chased false idols of success, money, perfection and happiness in outer circumstances. Thankfully, I woke up to the futility of that path and started on my journey to empowerment, peace and love. This blog has been a big part of my empowerment, practicing my lessons as I share them with you. As always, I am grateful for your footsteps across my path, sharing our light and lives for a while.

Foreshadow photo challenge

What does your life foreshadow? Will you make new empowering choices?

Remember that as the sun sets on today, we have tomorrow to begin anew. Blessings, Brad


8 thoughts on “A Word a Week Photography Challenge- Foreshadow

    • Thanks Eric, I do enjoy the soft allowing approach to life better, but I notice a tendency to do nothing. It’s a tricky game deciding the balance between goals with action and surrender, allowing life to flow.


  1. what beautiful photos, Brad… inspiring. And your words too are inspiring! I am so glad that you are sharing with all of us….


  2. Lovely photo. This is great and so inspirational, Brad! Right now my life is foreshadowing a lot of change (if I had a picture to share, it’d be of boxes with flowery duct tape holding them shut). I was afraid at first, but every end (graduation) is just a new beginning (the first days of the rest of my life)! =)


    • Thanks Addie, Photography is really my first great passion, but I’ve been more focused on writing lately. I appreciate hearing from you. You seem to have a very wise handle on your upcoming change. To bold new beginnings. Congrats. 🙂


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