Returning Home to Peace

In my previous post on Peace at Home, I talked about my passion for being and making peace in my life. This week, I’d like to talk about returning home to peace. In some ways, it’s rather simple, but not always easy, especially for a mentally oriented person like me.

Return to your beingness and follow your heart!

Heart Voice

Personally, after years of struggling against my ego, I’m learning to befriend my mind. I talk, listen, accept and encourage my mind, much like how I would treat a fearful child! This helps my mind to relax. When I calm my mind and emotions, then they relax into a natural oneness with source/ life/ God. Then, I’m able to hear the gentle whispers of my soul calling for certain ideas and actions. My mind then becomes an awesome tool to help express and carry out the urges of my heart.

But when I’m at war with my own self, my mind is too fearful and tense to hear the gentle voice of love and soul. This is why teachers suggest we meditate, exercise and spend time in nature. All of these are methods to calm and relax the mind into an open and receptive state. Then we can hear the whispers of soul. For more tips on connecting and thriving, read my 9 Habits for Thriving.

Love and life call us to return home to our beingness, rooted in peace and acceptance for the journeys that we’ve taken.

Eckhart Tolle gave an insightful talk in this video on the role of ego. He suggests that our collective journey as humans has progressed from unconscious union with being, to unconscious separation with ego/ mind, to recently when more people are coming to understand our essential oneness, and returning consciously to oneness. Much like the biblical story of the son leaving the father to later return in joyful re-union. When we return consciously to our essential self, we experience a new level of appreciation for the ego as necessary to our evolution. We have a much greater depth and appreciation for the oneness of life.

Words are the verbal illustrations that help us to grasp the full truth of feelings. ~ Gilda, Walking in Spirit

As expressed in this lovely quote, our minds, like words, can add a beautiful richness and depth to our lives when they are relaxed and united with our beingness. As a writer, I hope my words inspire you to feel and live the truth of who you are.

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy. ~ Rumi

Recently, I’ve taken some actions to align with my authentic inner self. This comes from a more peaceful, loving and accepting posture to both myself and the world around me. Now I’m beginning to see and feel how my whole life, including the challenges, serves to help me understand what is most important and interesting to me. Much like a homing beacon, life keeps calling me back home to peace and love. I’m following the call of peace back home to the core of who I truly am.

Rooted in peace, watered in love and connected in action, my soul is blooming in joy. ~ muse brad as inspired by Rumi

May you return home to find the peace that passes all understanding!

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