Simple Satisfaction in the Now

Life is to be lived in the now.


You gotta be in the NOW to create and experience the WOW! – Steve Maraboli

Kindness is king for opening doors to our hearts and greatness.  Let’s look at some wonderful stories of kindness this week.

Meet Elaine Newkirk

Elaine is a mother, sister, author, adoptive parent and tireless champion for the disadvantaged. Her story brought tears to my eyes. I feel inspired by her selfless service. Already a single mom when her sister came to her needing a place to live, she invited her to stay. Then other friends were welcomed to her fold.  Her house filled up with friends and children needing help. Her compassion grew to include a support group called TYME, thrift shop, bakery and much more. Read more about Elaine’s amazing story.

Facebook kindness campaign

Watch this inspiring video showing people helping homeless people worldwide with simple acts of kindness. I volunteer at a local food bank called LifeSource, but I like this personal approach. How about you? Will you use Facebook to share something wonderful?

Everything we want is in the now.

Our happiness, love, belonging and contribution are all found in the present moment. I hope you enjoy this ode to Now, called Simple Satisfaction. kindness


Simple Satisfaction

Oh, what beauty is to be found in the now

If we but pause a moment to reflect on the amazing miracle of life

Among the millions of stars in the sky, we find the beauty of our blue planet 

Shining bright from sea to sea with clouds of love

Raining down on forests of food for critters of all sizes and types

While spirit showers us with sunshine, imagination and creativity

Out of the millions of sperm vying for life

How did we come to be the chosen ones

Or the miracle of our hearts 

With searing pain and boundless joy, opening and closing

Yet always pumping and reaching for more life

And precious lungs, brains, fingers and toes

With the magic of life dancing through our cells

Vibrating with life without any contribution on our part


Shall we ponder the radiance of a smiling child

Able to warm even the toughest old fart like me

Opening to love with the gift of glee

From a baby exploring their new world 

So why not relax and breathe

Refreshing in the simple satisfaction of life

Where beauty and precious miracles abound

Passing everywhere within and around 

Rest your weary soul on this sacred ground

Come, relax, and be

Then you are free!


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