Awesome Stories 1.29

Another week of Awesome Stories with Britain leading the way.

Britain is leading the renewable revolution with wind.

Offshore Wind Farm

The London Array

London is now the proud home to the world’s largest offshore wind project. Britain was already the world leader in offshore wind capacity with 3.6 gigawatts (GW) and 74% of the global market. It has a stated goal of generating 18 GW of wind power capacity by 2020. The new London Array has 175 turbines generating 630 megawatts of energy, which is enough energy to power about 500,000 homes. “This is a great day for Britain and a big win for renewable energy.”- Prime Minister David Cameron. Blow baby blow!

Look out for Mama!

Mama Hill

Photo source: Ted Soqui Photography

“Mama” Millicent Hill is an inspiration. Despite age, surgery, gangs and poverty, she has fed, cared and nurtured the children of Watts, a gang ridden, poor neighborhood in central California. She shows how one person truly can make a difference. Her passion for the children started as a teacher and has continued for over 30 years. Read her inspiring story!

Trees to the Rescue?

If this plan is approved, the world’s tallest wood skyscraper will be built. Designer C.F. Moller is planning to use wood, not steel or any newfangled material for a number of reasons. Wood is renewable, very strong in comparison to its weight, and can resist fire up to a point. Counter intuitive and retro, but still green if sourced from sustainable forests.

For the Love of Books

Have you heard about the growing economy based on sharing? It’s an alternative to the old models that don’t seem to be working. There are many new businesses springing up based on cooperative and shared ownership, with creative structures like gifting, pay what you can afford, or a pay-it-forward. Here are 4 fun ideas based on the love of books from a post in Daily Good.

21 Days to Happiness

Would you like an attitude makeover? Here is an educational and entertaining video by Shawn Anchor on how to be happier and more productive. Based on years of research based on positive psychology, Shawn has created a 21 day, 5 step process to create better brain function, which in turn will help you be more creative, productive and positive in life. Be happy now, not when you reach your goals!

Creative Up-cycling

There’s a movement to build more sustainable homes using recycled materials. One creative version uses re-purposed shipping containers. They can be stand alone mini homes or combined into larger homes of various sizes and configurations. Some of them look pretty awesome. Here is a video and website to learn more about container homes.

Love Biking?


Feed the grid!

I’ve often wondered why all the people riding bikes at health clubs aren’t hooked up to a system that would send that petal power into the grid for electricity. Well the universe must be listening. Dezien’s prototype bike will do that and more. How about your bike as exercise, fun, wi-fi hot spot and energy storage and source! Now that’s a bike that I want! I love to ride and would love to put that petal power to use for electricity!

Want some laughs?

Get your laughs with these baby videos?

What’s Awesome in your life? Please share.

Your turn!

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