Awesome Stories 1.28

More awesome stories celebrating beauty, innovation, bikes and freedom.

Beautifully Imperfect!

Wow! What a beautiful and poignant perspective. May this beautiful video inspire you to see the beauty in your partner, children and relationships in general. Awesome!

Empire State Building Inspires More Efficiency!

Empire State Building

Empire State Building, source Shutterstock

The retrofit of the Empire State Building was so successful that it has inspired a wave of similar projects for office buildings around the country by project partners Johnson Controls, Jones Lang LaSalle and Rocky Mountain Institute. The LEED project has exceeded it’s guaranteed savings for the first two years, resulting in over $2 Million saved and is on track for 38% less energy use. Now that’s something to celebrate!

Wind energy set to sail!

These 7 concept ships use various combinations of renewable energies like wind with other creative solutions to reduce pollution, emissions, weight and fuel use. Which is your favorite one? Mine is the S/E Orcelle.

Riding miss folly!

New Belgium Cruiser Bike

My ole’ folly cruiser!

Maybe I’m partial because I love to bike for fun and exercise, but kudos to bikers in London. Bikes make up nearly 1/4th of all London rush hour traffic! A few years ago, I had a New Belgium cruiser bike that was awesome! I felt like a kid riding around town in my silly, big cruiser. Sadly, I traded it for a more practical bike to manage the hills in Fayetteville. I miss ole’ Folly!

Apple Goes Green!

Apple has committed to supplying 100% of the energy for it’s data centers from renewable energy. Apple’s latest data center in Reno, NV will have a 137 acre solar farm using the latest solar technology from SunPower. Their solar project will provide 43.5 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy when completed. Go solar!

Let Freedom Ring part 2!

Here is a thoughtful post about patriotism, based on a broader love and empathy for all humanity. I’m down with that! I must admit to a certain distaste for much of the patriotism that I see both in this country and abroad. Hopefully we can expand our patriotism to include all people, nations, ideas and the planet itself. That kind of patriotism would inspire me to support, be proud and wave the flag! Though, maybe a flag with the earth on it. 🙂

Freedom for Valentina!

Watch this awesome video about a young humpback whale who almost died until a caring and compassionate crew helped. Watch her story of freedom and celebration!

Freedom, celebration, beauty, innovation. Awesome! What are you celebrating?


4 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 1.28

  1. I’m going to get straight to the point here, Brad…My husband is a Stoic/Fairly Guarded kind of guy — AND — your “Beautifully Imperfect” video brought tears to HIS eyes! (forget the fact that I was standing behind him crying) 😉 Throw in the Humpback rescue, and I’d say your AWESOME stories had a pretty big impact at our house tonight! Thank YOU & Happy Weekend!! 🙂


    • Awesome to all of it; the stories, all of our tears ( mine too), and seeing the beauty in life, however it shows up. It sounds as though you are beautifully imperfect for each other. 🙂 I appreciate you. thanks.


  2. I’ve so enjoyed all your posts lately… thanks Brad, they really brighten my day! haven’t commented for awhile, but know I am reading and savoring 🙂
    And as an Apple user, I will quickly say, Hurrah! i feel better now knowing they are going solar — a relief!
    Big hug to you….


    • Welcome back Leslie! I’m delighted to know you’ve been reading and enjoying even when you don’t comment. Even a PC user can delight in Apple and other big companies working to use more renewable energy and be more sustainable! Savoring is a great word and reminder for me. Thanks for being you and the hug. 🙂


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