Awesome Stories 1.22

Let’s gear up for this week’s Awesome Stories!

I Love New York, or might if I were riding one of these in Central Park.

Citibike in New York

New York City is now home to the largest bike sharing program in the country. The Citbike program is rolling out 6000 bikes for public use. Riders can pay a $95 yearly fee or daily and weekly rentals. They have 300 bike stations around the city with plans to expand to at least 10,000 bikes and 600 stations. Citizens can borrow any bike and use it for 45 minutes. I guess the time limit is to keep the bikes in circulation for more people.

This is an awesome and inspiring article on how we as individuals and organizations can keep up with the rapid pace of change and complexity.

The key is to evolve like nature does, with openness, experimentation, distributed systems and adaptation. Read more about Dee Hock’s ideas on The Birth of Chaordic Age. This is one the most insightful perspectives on change that I’ve ever read. If enough of us are willing to live this way, we might evolve through the creation of new, better systems. Otherwise, we may face disruptive falling apart of the old systems that aren’t working.

Very cool idea from a high school student!

Meghan Shea from West Chester, PA has created an inexpensive, multilayered water filter that improves on most current filtration. She built her filter using natural materials like bamboo and Moringa tree seeds. The seeds help clump contaminants in the water to make them easier to remove with subsequent filtration layers in the filter. Her true inspiration is that developing areas have limited money, so we can offer “knowledge, instead of bringing new devices. And if they don’t already have the trees growing, they could be distributing seeds.”

This may be one of the world’s greenest buildings.World's Greenest Building- CSL

The Center for Sustainable Landscapes (CSL) in Pittsburg, PA is one of a very few building to pursue certification by 3 different groups; Living Building Challenge SM, LEED® Platinum and Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES™).  As a wonderful model of sustainability, this project mimics nature in beauty, reuse and efficiency.The energy is from renewable sources, generated on site with solar and geothermal, waste water is reclaimed, many surfaces are porous to capture water, passive heating and cooling are utilized, and many more cool features. Learn more about this awesome project.

Google to the rescue?

Awesome Stories 1.22

Makani Power airborne wind turbine

Did you know that Google has invested almost 1 Billion dollars in renewable energy? They have invested in numerous renewable energy companies and projects. The latest is an investment in Makani Power. Makani is developing airborne wind turbines that aim to capture the stronger winds at high altitude. Their flying turbines are 90% lighter, use less materials, can tap into unused wind sources, operate out of site, and produce energy for an estimated 3-5 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh). Fly high with Makani!

Just when you thought the stories couldn’t get any better. 🙂

Here is a powerful story about a man who has changed his world in a very clear and awesome way. Jadav “Molai” Payeng has spent the last 30 years planting vegetation in his area to provide shade and habitat for local creatures. He was 16 and sad to see the dying landscape that surrounded him in northern India. He began planting and continued for 30 years, while living a simple subsistence life selling milk to locals. Today, he lives in a thriving 1360 acre forest thanks to his efforts alone. And now, he plans to do it again on a nearby 1300 acre sandbar. Wow!

What’s awesome in your life? Please share in the comments below. Thanks!


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