Awesome Stories 1.21

Prepare for awesome stories. I hope I can live up to the big new name!

Wow! 97% of the new energy added in the last half of 2013 will be from solar in CA.

Let that percolate in you a while. While some people are still talking about solar being too expensive, hard, unreliable, etc., CA is boldly marching forward with solar as a key part of it’s clean energy plans. Solar has reached grid parity in CA. This means that the cost of electricity generated from solar is on par with the cost of energy generated from traditional sources like natural gas and coal. Granted CA has a great solar potential, but solar can be utilized much more than it is in many regions around the US. Go solar!

Is there a llama in your future?

Being Awesome

These gentle animals are being used for therapy with the elderly in Washington state. Many of us have heard of using cats and dogs for therapy. Llamas are less common, but highly gentle, loveable creatures. I love this picture, though I don’t know if I’m ready for a lama kiss. I’ll start with a hug please!

Kroger Co. is leading the way toward being more sustainable with their trash.

anaerobic digestor

They have recently installed a giant anaerobic digester in Compton CA that will create 13 million kw of electricity a year. The distribution center collects trash from it’s stores, then sorts, grinds and processes it into a sludge that is fed into giant storage tanks to be digested by bacteria. Methane gas is produced and used for powering part of the distribution center’s electricity needs. Kroger claims to be the first grocer to both reduce it’s waste and generate renewable energy.

Answer the call of nature; The pause that refreshes!

Researchers are showing that we need periods of deep contemplation to integrate our learning. This fun video demonstrates the digital distraction many of us live with. I’m grateful for my yard, garden and other beautiful places in nature. They nourish my body, mind and soul. Please take to time to slow down, contemplate, and connect with people, nature, and the deeper aspects of life.

BioLite has a great new cookstove designed to help make life better for the 3 Billion people still cooking with fire.

Their patented, low-cost biomass cookstove, called the BioLite Cookstove, is desgined to reduce emissions, run on biomass, and generate electricity at the same time. They estimate it will use 50% less wood, reduce emissions by 90% and generate enough electricity to charge LED lights or a cell phones.

This is a great story on creative resource use.

Zambikes of Zambia is making bikes frames from bamboo! Bamboo is a fast growing plant that Zambia has in abundance, and some even consider a waste plant. Besides using an inexpensive, local and renewable resource, these bikes create more local jobs, are lighter than metal frames and looks great. I want one!

Any act of kindness spreads like ripples on the water, gently spreading your love to shores near and far. Speaking of Ripples, check out Amanda and Ryan’s blog on living sustainably in Northwest Arkansas.

Go ahead and be awesome. Who knows how a simple act might change the world or simply one person’s day. 🙂

Blessings, Brad

10 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 1.21

  1. Who knew? I could’ve brought a llama back from Peru! I did pet a few but no kissing. 😉 The digital distraction video really got me — makes me want to take longer and longer breaks from the grid…
    Thanks, Brad!!


  2. Darn, you could have started a trendy, pet Llama business for people to kiss, cuddle and be soothed, including those of us who spend too much time online. Take a break, hug a llama. Yes, more breaks like tonight when I sat in the park listening to the birds and babbling brook. 🙂


  3. Awesome post.thank you for liking my post.Have a wonderful 4th. of July .jalal


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