Good News 1.20

This post celebrates my 20th post on good news from around the world. Enjoy!


To start, let’s go to Queensland, Australia where we find Tritium, an electronics company that specializes in products and solutions for electric vehicles. They just made the news by announcing a fast charger that can recharge Electric Vehicle (EV) batteries 80% in under 30 minutes. This could be a huge boost to the EV market, allowing EV owners to charge their vehicles on the go while traveling.

If you haven’t heard about Zach Kobiech and his touching story, prepare to cry and be inspired. His courage and love are amazing. Watch this video on how Zach faced the news of his terminal cancer with his family and friends. A great reminder to live and love fully. Thank you Zach.

This new solar technology should make solar energy compeititve with grid energy. A new breakthrough in  Dye Solar Cell (DSC) efficiency will make the technology viable for commercial production. DSC has lower cost and embodied energy in manufacture, uses non-toxic materials, produces electricity more efficiently in low light conditions, can be used indoors and can be directly incorporated into building materials. Go solar!

Haiti is making waves (light waves) with their new solar powered hospital.

Haiti Solar Powered Hospital

Solar Powered Hospital in Haiti

Overall, their goal is to create sustainable energy for the hospital. Beyond solar panels, they’re using inverters, white paint for the intense heat, natural ventilation, motion sensor lighting and more to create an energy self-sufficient hospital. When completed, they estmate saving over $370,000 per year in energy costs. That’s a big deal in a poor country with unreliable electricity that costs 35 cents/ kw versus 5-10 cents for most electricity in the US.

Star Trek fans (and anyone who cares about their health) will love this one. This looks like an awesome use of high tech. The world’s first medical tricorder, Scandu Scout, is about to launch thanks to crowdsourcing. The Scout will work by being placed near the body to digitally scan your vital signs, then send the results to your smartphone. No doctor or office visit needed. Very cool. I want one. Maybe I’ll make a contribution via indiegogo. Anyone who contributes over $199 will recieve a Scandu Scout.  

Sometimes you gotta have fun! Here’s Maarty Broekman from Netherland on Britain’s Got Talent to entertain you. His enthusiasm is awesome. I bet you smile even if you don’t like the music. 🙂

Bringing you smiles, inspiration and technology from around the world. Spread the Good News.

Your turn!

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