The Call of Nature

Lately, I’ve been hearing the call of nature. Fortunately, I decided to listen.

appreciating nature

I’ve missed my dear friend. During the winter, when nature is in hibernation, I find it harder to make the connection. I still feed the birds, take walks and look at the sleeping trees, but it is harder to sense the aliveness that lies dormant, ready to return in the miracle of spring.

Mount Rainier

Me in Mt. Rainier WA, 1990

I continue to find both big and little joys in nature. My love for nature started as a child, playing in the yard, finding birds, butterflies, insects and other critters in attendance. I let this connection go fallow for much of my teens and twenties.

And then reconnected during my grand adventures traveling around the country in my VW Westfalia van. During this time, my passion for nature truly blossomed. I was so inspired and in awe of the beauty that I found in our National Parks, that I began photographing in hopes of sharing the beauty and joy.

This passion led to a joy for photographing nature which has been rekindled on my blog. Though now days, I am more focused on communicating beauty and joy with words. Writing seems to be a harder medium for me to translate my joy than photograpy. But sometimes, I re-create or even create new beauty with my words. Then I feel a deep satisfaction. With photography, I see beauty, feel the awe and snap a picture in hopes of capturing the essence of what I am experiencing. Allthough photos are only a two dimensional representation of beauty, we could debate their ability to translate light and energy.

Sometimes when I take pictures while feeling connected, my photos seem to convey more than a simple image. I wonder if other photographers have this experience. I would love your perspective. And clearly nature is calling me to connect more deeply, whether via photos, writing, walking or simply appreciating.

Another period of great joy, was a time when I sat on my porch to watch the sunset nearly every evening. This became my time to settle, be quiet, relax my mind and body, and simply be. Feelings of deep peace and joy usually came bubbling up through me. This ritual became my solace during a time of great challenges.

Lately, tending my garden, smelling the flowers and noticing the amazing variety of flowers blooming right in my yard, is a treat for the senses. And a great source of little joys. Or the gorgeous blue jay that just landed on the chair outside my window. 🙂

Here are a couple of posts that inspire me to communicate my love for nature in words. Maybe not as eloquently as Jack London in Call of the Wild, but hopefully as pure and heart felt. Like the quote in Luanne’s post, communication is a translation. Words and pictures can make poor translations at times, but as writers we continue to attempt the conversation.

  • Patty de Lloas writes about the solace and connection to be found walking in woods
  • Luanne Armstrong describes her farm life and how it has taught her to notice and ponder nature in a deeper way. She questions what is communication and what is intelligence.

We might be underestimating the powers, beauty and intelligence of nature.

What do you think? I’d love to hear how nature calls and touches you………Excuse me, nature is calling me with birds chatting outside my window. It’s time to answer the call of nature. See you next post!

14 thoughts on “The Call of Nature

  1. Loved this article; yesterday, it was about 80 degree and I biked in the afternoon steep uphill … for about 1.5 hours … I was still enjoying because I love the nature and time to time the trees and the birds kept me entertained and also let me know I am not alone … at one point I almost came to a dead energy-level … then looked up again when that tree smiled and said “you can do it” …..


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  3. I’m not a hiker or enjoy venturing too far by myself… But! I do believe that the beauty found in nature can bring us closer to the divine… In our solitude and in a beautiful surrounding, we can tune in to the power within… It can change our state of mind if we chose too…


    • I totally agree. The beauty and solitude in nature has helped me tune into the divine and change my state many times. Sometimes I think of nature as my sanctuary; a place to recognize, tune in and appreciate the divine. Thanks again for commenting. I can do this on my patio or in the deep woods, though the deep woods seems easier at times. blessings, Brad


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