Good News 1.19

Inspiring you with uplifting stories from around the world.

soothing nature

IBM and several partners are cooking up some new tech treats with HCPVT (high concentration PV thermal). Say that 3 times fast! They just won a grant to develop what they believe is a breakthrough in both cost and efficiency using multiple mirrors to focus the solar energy, tracking, and reclaiming heat energy with several liquids. All using current technology, simply in a new, creative way. Go Solar!

I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or jump for joy. Jack Carroll’s got talent and a winning attitude. His comedy will touch you. Watch his video from Britain’s Got Talent.

Planting seeds of life. Basia Irland has created a unique, living art that helps educate, share beauty and re-seed plants to repair the health of rivers. Learn about these wonderfully unique “Book Launches”.

Meet Thomas Weller, San Diego’s own Highway Helper. Thomas patrols the highways of San Diego county looking for people to help. He does is as a conscious act of kindness, practicing the pay it forward principal. Planting seeds of kindness for his eternal garden.

Generosity is what’s on the menu at this cafe. Seva Cafe was started by Siddharth Sthalekar as an experiment in generosity and the gift economy. Their cafe serves meals to customers on a gift basis, trusting in the goodness of people to pay a fair price and keep them in business. So far, they’ve been open 7 years, yet he hopes to help build the gift economy to the point where they wouldn’t be needed. All people would be supported in an economy based on freely sharing.

Wow! Honda and Ford are getting into the net zero game by partnering with homebuilders to build smart homes that feature solar PV, energy efficiency, EV charging and state of the art energy management systems to highlight latest innovations for sustainable living. Honda has partnered with UC Davis to build a demo home on campus. This home is part of a larger vision for all new CA homes to be net zero by 2020; generating as much energy as they consume.

Many of us who love nature know the calming and soothing effects of time spent in nature, be it the woods, ocean or park. For me, time in nature is like coming home to my deepest, purest self. I feel a deep peace and connection to something bigger than me. Researchers are now proving that time in nature helps relieve brain fatigue. So next time you’re feeling stressed or tired from working on the computer, get out in nature, even the city park will do. Go Park It!

Now that you’re both inspired and soothed :), how about sharing the Good News with others? Thanks!


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