Ode to Mom

This is my simple Ode to Mom.

Happy Mother's Day

With this ode, I’m sending love not only to my mother, but all the mothers and the people who love, nurture and care for us. Sometimes we need time and reflection to be able to see and understand the value of what we have received. This idea is well articulated by Elizabeth Benedict in her collection of stories about objects from our mothers and the value we give them. In her words,  “These are not gifts that have a large financial value, but the value of the gifts accrues over time.”


Mom and Eva

In my case, the value of my relationship with my mother has ebbed and flowed with time and life phases. There have been times of great closeness and bonding and times of distance and moving away, both physically and emotionally. But through it all, at my core is a love and appreciation for my mother. She has given me the gift of the life, the most precious gift of all. She has dedicated her time, energy and career to raising my brother and me. I know she gave up parts of her dreams and life to be a mother and wife.

Thank you Mom, I love you, I appreciate you, and I behold the beauty of you. May you be blessed with the peace of understanding that has and needs no words. Thanks for planting the seeds of your love for nature and gardens. The plants are coming along rather nicely. 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day!

6 thoughts on “Ode to Mom

      • Thats a wonderful thing. I am working towards that too, often I am successful but there are times when I am not able to. I like what you write, honest and straight from the heart which resonates with me.


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