Finding Little Joys: Dancing

Recently I wrote about finding the little joys in life.

Do your little bit of good where you are; those little bits of good put together will overwhelm the world.– Desmond Tutu Finding Little Joys

I just found several joys all in one place. Ailsa’s lovely blog, Where’s my backpack?, has given me a healthy dose of joy today! Her recent Travel Theme post on dance combines my passions for flowers, nature, photography, dancing and wordplay. So I hit the quintuplet of joy. Thanks Ailsa!

One of my secret passions is to dance around my living room listening to music. Usually the music is more flowing, sacred or soulful. Then I allow my feelings to move me to flowing rhythms around the room. As I do so, my body comes alive, my feelings calm or elevate, and I often feel a sense of tingles and aliveness that I’ve come to associate with connecting to my highest self or soul. This routine always inspires and enlivens me. Try it, you might like it!

I have come to enjoy this so much that I don’t really like dancing in public or at bars anymore. There was a time when I was a dance flirt like many others, allowing music and alcohol to move me to playful, flirting or even sexual gyrations around the dance floor. Now I prefer my sacred dances at home with my sacred self.

Stories of kindness also bring me great joy and make my heart sing. This post by Naomi Shihab Nye brought tears to my eyes and reminded me why I love to share stories that inspire others. Her story demonstrates the beauty of human kindness to inspire and connect us. I hope my stories, both personal and from around the web, inspire you to be your best, to live your dreams and to spread some kindness in the world.

I view it as my mission to help spread beauty, inspiration and kindness. Will you join me in finding and sharing the little joys?

Thanks, muse Brad

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