Good News 1.18

More Good News from around the cybersphere.

I am feeling more grateful for my life and many gifts. And for my readers, thanks for touching my heart and life. You inspire me to be and do more.Inspiration

Floating wind turbines sound fun. They are cheaper, easier to build and operate further offshore where there is more wind, making them less noticeable to all but seafarers. Winflo has their first big project coming online in 2014 in French waters. Blow baby blow!

Vic and others who rise above their challenges or “disabilities” inspire me. They remind us that blessings can be found almost anywhere when we look for them. The key is to accept your life as it is, then do what you can to live how is most meaningful and enjoyable to you. It’s your life to live. Choose wisely. Here is Vic’s story.

I’ve gradually come to embrace nuclear power as a viable, potent and safe energy source to help us reduce emissions and move away from fossil fuels. It seems that we have been fed a lot of fear and misinformation about nuclear energy. The facts suggest that it is a reliable, normally safe, energy source that currently removes 2 Billions tons of emissions per year by replacing fossil fuel sources. There are many thoughtful, pro environment people who have switched from anti to pro nuclear as they research more facts. Let’s at least have thoughtful, rational discussions about nuclear energy.

My hope is that we take some pressure off ourselves and realize we don’t always have to “fix it” or find a solution, but instead just be there for our children with love in our eyes. –Rachael Stafford

Read Rachael’s touching story about how she first learned that sometimes our presence is enough. Early in her career as a special education teacher, she had a student named Kyle. One day when he ran away from school, she simply followed him. That action ended up being the turning point for her and Kyle, as well as her career.

Planting trees, saving baby girls and a village. This village in Rajasthan, India has a very creative solution to help stabilize the community with trees. Piplantri village plants 111 trees for every baby girl born. The community and father contribute financially and agree to protect both the trees and daughters until they are grown. This has reduced crimes and early marriages of the unwanted daughters. Now, villagers are even making money from some of the crops like Aloe Vera.

And if you’re feeling down or like your circumstances are too much to handle, then maybe this inspiring video will stir your heart and motivate you like it did me. Wow Jessica. You Rock!

Who or what inspires you to be and do more with your life?

Please consider sharing my joy and post with others. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Good News 1.18

  1. I woke this morning with the though “visit Brad’s blog,” and so I did just that. What a joyful way to start this day! Thanks, amigo. I’m encouraged to experience the life-enhancing aspect of information compression.


    • Welcome Dave! What a joy to have you visit my cyber outpost for inspiration and information compression! I feel grateful for our connection and wordplay. Thanks my friend and fellow muse.


      • Indeed! And in the process, I set up a WordPress account and blog. Your influence is influential. Who knows? I might even write in it!


  2. I agree with David…And YOU — love Jessica. WOW! Off the grid until the end of May. I promise to catch up and be a regular blogger again then. Thanks for this wonderful boost, Brad! 😀


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