Little Boys and Little Joys

We don’t always appreciate the joys to be found in the ordinary little things in life.

But if we take time to appreciate the little and ordinary things in our lives, they may lead us to or become the big joys that we dream of. Gratitude and appreciation are magic keys to the kingdom of happiness, joy and a meaningful life. I hope that you find little joys in many aspects of your life.Joys in Ordinary Life

Ode to Little Boys and Little Joys


Little joys are like little boys

Despite their simple appearance

They hold many surprises and hidden joys

Like any gift, they must be unwrapped to be seen

This means taking off the blinders of adulthood

Responsibility, “seriosity”, busyness and judgement

(the king of dream and joy killers)

So next time a little boy presents himself to you

Stop and take a clear gaze into his soul

You may find past trails, tears or whispers of your own childhood

Or you might find new paths to joy, curiosity and playfulness

Whatever you find, please remember to appreciate the little joys in life

Be they sunsets, flowers, tea or little boys

Dedicated and inspired by a great blog on being a lover of the little things by Hanna Brencher. Thanks, muse brad


4 thoughts on “Little Boys and Little Joys

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  2. Welcome back Shauna. I’m amazed how your kind words touch me and renew my joy and passion for writing. Thank you so much for being a raving fan! I look forward to hearing about your adventures!


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