Good News 1.15

Welcome to my latest Good News.

When I read stories like that of Jessie Rees, I am inspired to be a better person. I am very grateful for my health and life. I hope that my Good News helps inspire you to live a richer, fuller life. 


Could Graphene transform our world? Professors Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov earned a joint Nobel prize in physics for their graphene discovery at Manchester University. Now Chinese researchers have created the lightest solid ever produced with graphene as pictured above. And the story keeps getting better. Richard Kaner at UCLA has created an inexpensive, scalable process that can be easily commercialized. Graphene will likely transform material science with it’s abundant applications for medicine, batteries, solar and much more. I’m looking forward to those 1 minute car chargers!

JessieMeet Jessie and her remarkable story. Her courage in facing cancer has led to the care and inspiration of many children diagnosed with cancer. When faced with her own diagnosis of terminal cancer, she decided to help other children who were facing the same. When her parents decided to set up a foundation, they asked whether she wanted it to support cure or care? She chose care. Read more about her story, JoyJars and foundation. Her courage and wisdom are profoundly touching to me, inspiring me to be a better person.

Cool Planet has developed an amazing system to create fuel with biomass in a way that creates a positive for the planet, removing CO2 from the air and amending the soils in the process with biochar. Additionally, their scalable biofuel production system can compete with oil at $50, making a perfect tool to achieve energy independence in a sustainable way.

Natural delight as modeled by these two daughters exploring and teaching their mother. As their mother wisely asks, what is the point of life if we don’t take time to see the beauty and light in the most ordinary circumstances? Read more about how her daughters reminded her to see the light within each precious moment.

Eco Fuel Africa is teaching Africans how to use agricultural waste to create hand made charcoal. They have a low tech approach to biochar. This home made charcoal saves forests, is cleaner burning, sequesters CO2 and helps villagers make money. Eco-Fuel specializes in creating low cost, low tech solutions to the problems facing many rural Africans.

I’m considering a name change for my blog to Inspiration Station, Bravo Enterprises, Inspiring You, Good News or Empowering Choices?

I’d love to hear your opinion and inspiring stories. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Good News 1.15

  1. Brad, you have a fabulous dilemma here. From my vantage point, you really have two separate blogs: one about exciting green news and the other (my personal favorite) stories of such inspiring courage and human greatness that fill my heart (and eyes!) each and every time. I would never know about these incredible individuals if not for YOU!

    I think Inspiration Station is a great name. All you have to do after that is expand your categories associated with the posts. Beyond “good news” — add “inspiration, gratitude, life lessons, greater good, relationships, parenting, family”, etc. This way more readers will be able to find your wonderful posts! Try featuring just one story at a time (for the shorter attention spans) and see how that works. Keep the Green News separate…

    Probably more opinion/info than you were looking for, but more readers deserve to find YOU! 🙂

    P.S. Loved precious Jessie!!


    • Thanks Shauna, I appreciate all the feedback. These are the kind of things I want to figure out along with name changes, whether I could ever commercialize,, etc. I like Inspiration Station too but the domain seems to not be available. Great idea on the categories. I might go back to 1 topic posts. I previously wrote about 1 thing, but that was before my Good News series,. Thanks for reading, commenting and caring. I’d love to have more readers, especially ones who participate like you.

      thanks so much. I appreciate you.


  2. Hi Brad, another great post! Wow. I’m glad to be regularly following you. Perfect for Monday morning! I like all your name ideas. I would suggest choosing a name that can’t easily be misinterpreted. “enterprises” connotes business or corporation to me. “good news” is often associated with Jesus and Christianity. As you already know, it’s important to choose a name that’s available, easy to remember, and meaningful to you. I’m sure you’ll choose a great name!

    I think a lot of your photography involves nature and “green” stuff, so if you separate the green news from the other good news, to be fair you’d have to remove the nature photographs, too. Green news is interwoven with human inspiration, courage, and the best of humanity. “Green” plays a strong role in terminal cancer stories, too – pollution often causes cancer, and a green lifestyle has been said to help care for and in miraculous cases cure cancer. Much of your social justice posts (relating to Africa, in this case) involve a green aspect (eco fuel) so if you tried to separate out all the references to “green”, you would technically not have been able to post this social justice story in the same place as Jessie’s story. It would be very difficult to find a good news story that didn’t involve nature, but I think sometimes we forget about nature and only see the human part, so it appears to be completely separate although it never can be.

    I love your blog! Keep posting.


  3. Thanks Amanda, Great reminder about the meanings of names, so best to pick one that is clear and meaningful. It would be hard to separate out the green for me too. To me, the bigger umbrella for all these posts is inspiration. I write and share inspiring stories, whether about green, social justice, health or general human interest. I appreciate your feedback.


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